Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Settle Defamation Case, She'll Pay $1 Million

According to a source close to Johnny Depp, he will get $1 million from Amber Heard as a settlement for his defamation case. He plans to make a pledge before contributing the money to various charities.

Although Amber Heard denies it, the source also claims that the judgment in the case can still be used against her if she makes defamatory allegations in the future.

Camille Vasquez and Benjamin Chew, Depp's lawyers, are happy that this dark chapter of his life is now coming to an end:

"We are pleased to formally close the door on this painful chapter for Mr. Depp, who made clear throughout this process his intent to bring the truth to light."

As far as the lawyers are concerned, the case was "never about money." They are happy with Amber Heard paying the $1 million because it affirms the court's judgment against her.

The judgment, according to the lawyers, "reinforces Ms. Heard's acknowledgment of the conclusion of the legal system's rigorous pursuit for justice."

Amber Heard has decided to close the book on her ex-husband's defamation case, but she will still have to spend 7 figures.

In a lengthy statement, she explained that she had settled the case. She had recently filed an appeal and said: "This is not an act of concession. There are no restrictions or gags with respect to my voice moving forward."

Amber will have to pay $1 million, but the money will come from her insurance company, not her own pocket. She claimed that she did not choose this option and insisted that all she did was defend and speak her truth but ended up destroying her life after the vilification she got on social media.

She has termed the experience as a humiliation she cannot go through again. The actress has said that she is only doing this to move forward and put the entire scandal behind her.

Amber also claimed that she had lost faith in the American legal system since it had found her guilty of defaming Depp although a court in the UK had ruled in her favor.

She also mentioned that she had used up almost all her resources trying to fight and still lost.

The actress has said that she will now focus on things that are important in her life. This will include working for causes she believes in and spending time with her daughter.

She has also said that she will not be "threatened, disheartened or dissuaded by what happened from speaking the truth." Her voice, she said, will "forever" remain to be her "most valuable asset."

She also thanked those who had supported her throughout the saga.

Depp is yet to say anything about the settlement.