Amber Heard Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp

During Johnny Depp's defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, the court listened to audio recordings in which she was talking about a fight they had. The actor said she kicked the bathroom door against his head.

More scandalously, she admits to hitting the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

The recordings were made by Depp, who said he had gotten into the habit of making the recordings. Nevertheless, this was the first time the court listened to recordings featuring Heard's voice.


In one of the audio clips, Heard says:

"I didn't punch you. I'm sorry I didn't hit you across the face in a proper slap. I was hitting you, I was not punching you."

To this, Depp answers and says:

"Don't tell me what it feels like to be punched."

After that, Heard said that he had not gotten punched and had instead been hit:

"I don't know what the motion of my actual hand was. You're fine. I did not hurt you, I did not punch you, I was hitting you. I'm not sitting here bit**ing about... You're a fu**ng baby."


"You are such a baby! Grow the f**k up, Johnny."

Amber Heard Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp

Depp then said that he did not start the physical fight and had instead tried to get away from it, to which Heard says sarcastically, "You are admirable."

In another recording, Heard was heard calling Depp a "f***ing piece of sh*t."

"Why don't you go f*** yourself. Go suck your own d***. Stingy old piece of s***."

She also talks about Depp's son Jack and sarcastically says that she hoped he learned more about being a man from his stepfather because Depp was not at all good at it.


Getting Hit With The Bathroom Door

Amber Heard Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp

Depp also talked about getting hit with the bathroom door in the trial. He said that Heard was "kicking the bathroom door" and hitting him "in the skull."

Heard responded that she was upset because she was on Ambien.

Depp went on to describe another incident that took place in Australia. He had to go to "at least five bathrooms and two bedrooms."

Angrily, Amber responded by saying, "We cannot work it out if you run away to the bathroom!" and Depp responded by saying, "A boxer can't go 12 rounds without a break."


Later in the argument, Depp talked about having pots thrown at him by Amber, and she responded saying:

"That's different, just because I've thrown pots and pans does not mean you come knocking on the door."

Depp then told her:

"You seem to think there's this cowardice in me."

In court, Depp said that what the court had just heard was a situation he had gotten used to. He accused her of raising her voice to drown out whatever he had to say during arguments.


Before the audio recordings were made, Depp said they had an incident in Los Angeles when Amber came "banging on the door." Depp did not answer as he was in the shower and did not want to deal with any more humiliation and aggression from her.

However, when she kept banging, he opened the bathroom door a little to hold them if she tried to get inside.

She tried to push against the door with "all her weight" while Depp tried to push back because he did not want her to get in.


Just as he was almost closing the door, she yelled, "ow, my toes!" and he stopped. He thought he had caught her foot under the door and knelt down to take a look. However, as he was kneeling, she kicked the door into his head, and he stood up stunned.

After he collected himself, wondering why she would do that, with the door already open at that point, she hit him in the jaw just after he asked her, "What the f**k was that!"


The Broken Nose

Amber Heard Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp

In yet another violent incident, Depp stood up to describe a physical encounter in which Amber broke his nose.

Allegedly, when he was heading into his office, she started throwing "wild punches" at the back and the side of his head while he tried to dodge the blows.

While describing the incident in court, he said:

"I walked across the mezzanine, as I'm approaching the door, suddenly I'm just getting clobbered from behind. Primal instinct is to duck and cover. I came up protecting my face, but there are arms swinging wildly. I put my arms up and was able to get her into a bear hug just to stop her from hitting me anymore."


When he held her, Amber told him he had headbutted her, broken her nose, and sarcastically said "Way to go, Johnny." He tried to explain that it was just "accidental contact."

Amber then showed her a bloody tissue, only to realize that it had nail polish, not blood.

The Incident At The Island

Amber Heard Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp

In another incident, Depp recounted their time in the Bahamas in December 2015. He was with his daughter Lily-Rose.

Allegedly, Amber threw a can at his head.

During an argument, things escalated, and she grabbed a can of mineral spirits and threw it at his face. The can hit the bridge of his nose and the forehead.

The Incident During Amber's 30th Birthday

Amber Heard Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp

During Amber's 30th birthday, Depp went to her apartment, but he was about two hours late. He had been in a meeting with his accountants, and what he had found out had shocked him.

He had discovered that a large amount of money had been withdrawn from his accounts.

During their dinner together, Depp was "cold." He had just gotten into bed when she tried to pick a fight.

As he was lying in bed, reading, Amber got in, still going on about his mistakes that day and what a horrible person he was. He chose not to respond.


She then got out of bed, walked around it, and then started trying to hit him in the face and neck. He got up, held her shoulders, made her sit on the bed, told her he was leaving, and asked her not to try to stop him.

However, as he was leaving, she squared off at him at the bedroom door. He then dared her to hit him again, and she hit him.

After hitting him again, he held her by the shoulders, walked her to the bed, and told her, "I'm leaving," before walking off and going to his other house. The incident took place at around 4:30 am.


Pooping The Bed

Amber Heard Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp

Depp had plans to go and get his things as Heard was away for a few days. His security guard Sean Bett, however, warned against it.

Bett told him he had gotten some news and showed him a photo on his phone which showed that his side of the bed had poop on it. He knew that it was not a good time to go in there.

Depp said he initially laughed after seeing the photo because the scene was so strange and grotesque. He chose not to go in there that day.


He brought up the incident from May 21, 2016, the last time he saw Amber before their divorce. Amber tried to blame the dogs, which Depp claimed weighed about 4 pounds each.

Depp said that he was sure that the poop on the bed did not come from the dogs, and this was something Hilda Vargas, a woman who had taken the photo and had known the dogs for many years, could confirm.

Depp's And Amber's Final Meeting In 2016

Amber Heard Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp

During the court hearing, Depp said that Amber had come up with claims that he had hit her. He recalled an incident in which he was walking towards the kitchen to leave when Rocky Pennington, Amber's friend, ran into the house and yelled at him to leave her alone.

Moments later, he was by the refrigerator while Amber was 20 feet away sitting on the couch when she screamed, "Stop hitting me, Johnny," in a "freaked out, upset voice."


Jerry Judge and Sean Bett, Depp's security team, quickly rushed into the house, and Amber said, "that's the last time you'll ever hit me, the last time you'll ever do that to me."

Depp told her, "I'm a good 20 feet away."

The incident took place in May 2016, and in the same month, she filed a domestic violence restraining order.

Depp also told his kids about what happened. He told them some ugly things would come out, and he would look like "some violent drug-addled alcoholic."


He wanted them to know this before kids in school approached them with the "People magazine cover." He also apologized that this was going to happen. Depp wanted them to be prepared.

Depp spoke about the people who comforted him while he was touring Europe. They were members of his band, The Hollywood Vampires.

He was with them when the divorce filing was made.

Alice Cooper and Joe Perry from Aerosmith also helped him get through the difficult time.


According to Depp, saying that what happened to him was unfair "is about the largest understatement." What happened "controlled" him. After the shows, he would go to the back of the bus "to get it out."

He would cry while he was away from the people. Depp also said he was very quiet and did not know what to say anymore.

The actor also told the court how Amber violated their divorce agreement after saying where her $7 million settlement would go by talking about ACLU and Children's Hospital Los Angeles. She was allegedly not supposed to say where the money would go.


After he sent the first settlement to the institutions, Amber was furious and claimed that he should be made to pay $14 million instead of $7 million. She assumed he wanted a tax break.

The accusation, according to Depp, cost him "nothing less than everything."

The world saw him as a "drunken cocaine-fueled menace who beat women."

"No matter the outcome of this trial, the second the allegations were made against me, the second more and more of these things metastasized and turned into fodder for the media, once that happened, I lost then."


He claimed that he would have to live with what had happened for the rest of his life.

"I lost then, no matter the outcome of this trial, I'll carry it for the rest of my days. It never had to be that way, it never had to happen, and I don't quite understand why it did in the way that it did."

After Amber's lawyer started to cross-examine Depp, things quickly got hostile.

Rottenborn, Depp's lawyer, claimed that Amber had not revealed anything about their time together in the opinion piece.


Depp responded that it was pretty easy to write something and put the blame on someone without ever mentioning their name. "There are sneaky ways of writing things," he added.

Depp was shown an article published two months before Amber wrote her op-ed in which Disney said he would not be playing Jack Sparrow in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film.

This was meant to prove that it was not Amber's article that had him fired from the film franchise.


Depp said he did not know about the article but that he had already been through two years of the constant talk of him being a wife-beater which meant that Disney was attempting to distance itself from him.

"The MeToo movement was in full swing at that point," he added.

Losing The Tip Of His Finger

Amber Heard Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp

Depp also went into detail about the explosive fight that cost him the tip of his finger in March 2015. They were in Australia when Amber threw a vodka bottle at him.

He was there during the filming of the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Amber has claimed that the actor cut off the tip of his finger using a knife while they were arguing. Her legal team described it as a "three-day hostage situation" because Depp was allegedly constantly violent.


When Depp took the stand, he said that Amber was angry at him because he had met with his lawyers to talk about a post-nuptial agreement. Amber had said that one of the lawyers had laughed at her, which Depp later found out to be a lie.

Depp tried to calm her down, saying that he had no intention of screwing her over. Nevertheless, things got out of hand, and chaos and violence ensued.


"She was irate, she was possessed. When I tried to remove myself as I normally would, she was hammering me with brutal words. Pardon my language, but I remember that it wasn't nice... Sort of being called an a** kisser to lawyers or a pu**y that didn't fight for her or stand up for her. I tried to remove myself from the situation but to no avail."

Depp went on to say that he ended up locking himself up in "at least nine bedrooms, bathrooms that day." On her part, Amber kept on banging on the doors and insulting him, looking for a physical fight.


She finally gave up and walked away when he locked himself in a room and walked downstairs to a rec room with a pool table and a bar.

While there, he took a bottle of vodka and a shot glass and poured himself "two or three stiff shots of vodka," which was the "first taste of alcohol in a long time."

Amber went down to where he was and started screaming at him, telling him he was drinking again. She then walked to where he was, took the vodka bottle, stood back, and threw it at him.


He moved his hand past his head, and the bottle went past him and smashed behind him.

After that, he stood up, went behind the bar, took another bottle of vodka, took it and sat down with it, poured himself a shot, and drank it.

Meanwhile, Amber was insulting him, and she also took that bottle and threw it at him. The bottle made contact and shattered all over.

At first, he did not feel any pain.

Amber Heard Admits To Hitting Johnny Depp

He then felt hot and as if something was dripping down his hand. When he looked, he realized the tip of his finger had been severed, and he could see his bone.

"Blood was just pouring out, and at that point, I think I went into some sort of, I don't know what a nervous breakdown feels like, but that's probably the closest I've been. Nothing made sense. I knew in my mind, and in my heart, this is not life. This is not life. No one should have to go through this."


As he looked at a picture of himself on a stretcher in court, he said that it was him in the emergency room. He then said he saw a detail he had forgotten:

"Miss Heard had taken my cigarette from the ashtray and stubbed it out on my face."

When he was asked which finger had been cut, he held up his right middle finger and said it was "the funny looking one" and showed it to the jury, saying, "You can see from the initial wound all these bones were crushed."


He also said that while he was injured, Amber yelled at him. At the hospital, he lied to doctors that he had smashed his finger on accordion doors.

Depp lied to keep Amber out of trouble.

He was also shown a photo illustrating the "remains" of his finger.

He went on to say to the court that he remained with Amber out of fear that she would try to kill herself like his mom tried to do when his dad left her.


"I didn't want to break the heart."

He said that his mother's attempted suicide was a direct result of his father leaving.

Amber had talked about suicide on a few occasions, which put fear in Depp's head. He also spoke about her, saying that she could not live without him and that she would die if he tried to leave.

There were also instances in which he would escape only for her to show up at his West Hollywood home screaming in her nightgown in the early morning hours.


Depp said Amber changed from being the woman he had known in their first one and a half years together. She had become his opponent and was no longer his "girl."

They often got into violent fights, and she appeared to have "pure hatred" for him. When he tried to argue with her, things got worse.

During the violent altercations, she would start with a shove, throw the TV remote at his head, or throw a glass of wine at his face.


The personal details about his life were also used against him, particularly concerning his kids. She would often attack his parenting.

Amber would tell him that he was a bad father and claim that he did not know how to parent.

She also got him into a "monumental tailspin." He could hardly spend time with his children because she would be there for her own needs. Amber often got into hassles with the kids.


The attacks on his parenting got to him, and he could not hear that anymore and started to think there was something wrong with him.

Although he said during the hearing that he realized that there were many things wrong with him, he had learned to pick his battles. Nevertheless, the bullying and abuse he was getting from Amber was "becoming too much to take."