Amazon: This Outdoor Canopy Chair With Netting Will Protect You From Bugs Bites Wherever You Go

The most unpleasing part of summer is bug bites. But now, we can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes, thanks to this canopy chair with netting.

Mosquitoes and gnats swarm in large numbers during summer, and it can feel like no amount of bug spray will protect you from their bites.

They can find you everywhere, whether you're sitting on the sideline at your kid's soccer games, going camping, or hanging out at the park with your friends or family. And that's where this canopy chair comes in.

You might not entirely ditch the bug spray, but this chair comes equipped with netting that shields you from biting insects as long as you're seated.

The Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Bug Guard is a "perfect companion for staying comfortable and protected from the elements at sporting events, tailgating parties, camping trips, and other outdoor events."

The chair is sturdy enough to support adults up to 250 pounds, it's foldable and light to carry around with its handy shoulder straps.

The Kelsyus Canopy Chair with Bug Guard Offers You a Convenient Way to Enjoy the Outdoors

It's equipped with a 50+ UPF sun-protection canopy that shields you from direct sun rays. It also has a side netting that can be easily zipped up.

And once zipped, the netting will surround the entire chair. It will protect you from flying, biting insects that might otherwise get to your exposed arms and legs.

The chair's description reads:

"Say goodbye to irritating bugs ruining your outdoor activities with the Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Bug Guard!"

"This canopy camping chair features a canopy-to-ground bug net that protects you from bugs at every angle."

The canopy chair is made from a sturdy powder-coated steel frame. It has a breathable and ergonomic mesh seat with a front edge that won't cut into the back of your legs.

The canopy chair also includes an O-ring armrest cup holder, allowing you to enjoy all the luxuries of a regular armchair.

You Can Buy the Kelsyus Canopy Chair with Bug Guard on Amazon

The chair costs $62.96.

And many people have shared positive reviews of this creative chair invention.

One reviewer wrote:

"Best investment ever!"

"My son has soccer practice in the evenings, and mosquitos apparently love me. This chair made all the difference. Instead of having to spray myself down and inevitably still being bitten, the netting saved me!"

"I highly recommend this chair for all of the benefits associated."