Amazing Wife-Material: Things To Do That Will Make Him Want To Propose In 30 Days

Amazing Wife-material: Things To Do That Will Make Him Want To Propose In 30 Days

He's the man of your dreams, so how do you make him want to propose to you? If he hasn't still proposed, here are a few things you can do that'll make him go down on one knee.

Everyone wants to find the perfect life partner.

You know the time is right. You've started noticing the cute couple on Instagram, the breath-taking wedding dresses online, and your newlywed neighbors going on their honeymoon.


But when will he propose?

It's absolutely normal to feel this way. However, before he can go down on one knee, you have to prove to him you're his life partner and show peculiar qualities that'll make you irresistible to your man.

Men are different – While some men prefer a quiet introvert that'll match his personality, others may want a wild horse, someone full of life!


Regardless of your personality, your potential husband is subconsciously searching for qualities that'll make him want you in his life forever.

Luckily, there's a trick! You can learn wife material qualities that'll make you irresistible in his eyes, and make him want to propose to you.

How to get him to propose to you

You need to let him know the time is right, and you can give him signals that'll bump you up from girlfriend to wife status in no time.


I have compiled a list of the best wife-material things you can do that will make a ring on your finger his only priority.

1. Be Okay With Him Having Female Friends

Well, I know it could be a little difficult seeing the love of your life having female friends. But if you are secure and letting him have female friends, he'll know he hit the jackpot. Jealousy is not attractive on a woman, especially if you plan on being in his long term plans. Don't try and prevent him from having female friends in his social circle. Most times, his female friends are harmless. Being insecure and nagging about his choices of friends may end up pushing him away.


Top tip: Having female friends has its perks. Instead of trying to stop him from having female friends, you can make his female friends your friends too.

2. Listen To His Occasional Rants

As much as men don't like to show weakness, the human mind can handle only so much.

In between work, you, his rude boss, and traffic, he will get stressed.


Being a warm listening ear will make you his haven and fortress. Which man will want to lose that?

Listening to his problems at work or about his favorite football team will make you appear loving, kind, and caring.

Many men find this attribute incredibly irresistible.

3. Own Your Independence

He wants to be the man of the house, but you're his partner, and having your independence will make you a treasure in his eyes.


He wants to pay all the bills, and handle all the tough problems.

However, when you chip in your bit, he may not say it directly, but he'd want to keep you.

Your effort may not be as substantial as repairing the roof, but even small efforts like fixing the leak in the sink will make him want you forever.

Top tip: I know you want to be around him as much as possible, but with the stress we go through daily, he may break down and need time to recharge.


As much as he says he wants you around 24/7, being independent rather than needy and dependent is a lovely quality that'll make him always come back for more.

4. Have Maternal Instincts That He'll Not Be Able To Deny

You may not want a baby now, and from the look of things, neither does he. You are in a perfect phase of your relationship, the astonishing duo.


Having a gentle maternal instinct like showing love to his dog Sam, taking it out on walks, showing love to his baby cousins, and being able to weather tough situations when Sam makes a mess will make him view you as a mother.

Top tip: In fact, according to a major relationship survey carried out in the U.S, the quality most men look for in women they want to marry is honesty.


5. Stay Calm

It's okay if you don't get married this year. There's always next year.

Women want to get married when they meet the right person, while men only want to get married when they are ready.

If he's not ready for marriage yet, don't take out your frustration on the relationship. It could ruin a beautiful thing.

Besides, there are a ton of ways you can show you're ready without being obvious.


First, you can introduce him to your family, act as the perfect girlfriend, and let him see you're worth being his wife.

If he's shy and doesn't know what he wants, you can find the courage, and ask him about his future plans for you.


You love him, and you want to make him go down on his knee and propose.

Going overboard to make him happy won't be enough to cement your spot.


Bringing joy to people in his life will get you over the line. Be kind to his dog, be a friend to his bros, love his family, and you will be saying "I do" to him in no time.

Best of luck!