Amazing Health And Beauty Hacks Only Celebrities Know

What is the key to perfect skin and body?

We've seen celebrities get all sorts of treatments from vampire facials to red light therapy to caviar treatment. But, is that enough?

There are countless health and beauty myths and tricks that promise results but a lot of them are just that--- myths.

The focus on wellness and beauty has shifted from unhealthy practices to much more organic and natural ways of achieving beauty and good health.


Read on to discover affordable and effective health and beauty hacks celebrities swear by.

Catherine-Zeta Jones

One word--- beer. The actress conditions her luscious locks with beer and honey. De-carbonated beer can be beneficial for your hair.

Beer contains protein that helps repair hair cuticles, giving your hair a silky and smooth finish. It's a quick remedy for frizzy hair.


Emily Ratajkowski

The actress/model admitted to using a K-beauty cream infused with snail mucin. Mucin is a slime excreted by snails. It has anti-aging benefits and improves skin texture over time. It also has sun-damage healing abilities. It's a very popular ingredient in skincare products.

Soo Joo Park

Ginseng is one of the most widely used herbs globally with tons of benefits. The fashion model carries around red ginseng extract exported from Korea.


Asian ginseng is a herb that's used for its antioxidizing and anti-inflammatory qualities. It's incorporated into various skin care as well as medicinal products.

Jennie Kim

Food intake is a branch of health, beauty and wellness. The BLACKPINK member revealed she focused on diet more than beauty products. Jennie starts off her morning with chicken feet collagen soup.

Chicken feet are packed with minerals, protein and collagen that improve skin and bone health.


Shailene Woodley

The lack of vitamins is the top cause of tooth sensitivity. The dental products you use can supplement vitamins for your teeth and give substantial relief from the problem.

The 'Divergent' star cleans her teeth with a mix of bentonite clay, peppermint coconut water and cinnamon oil. Woodley recommends swallowing the mix after brushing for the nutrients.


Naomi Campbell

What is her secret for her lean physique? Other than genetics, the high fashion model credits yoga for her good figure.

Yoga is a popular, ancient practice that has been proven to have multiple physical and mental health benefits. It improves metabolism, balance and flexibility. It develops your spiritual health too.

Yerim Kim

Pilates is the new fitness trend. The Red Velvet singer swears by it. She describes it as 'refreshing'. Similar to yoga, pilates is a form of exercise that trains your mind and body to work together. It promotes mental stability and agility and burns fat.


Cindy Crawford

Although it's a popular routine now, the supermodel claims the best advice she received from any dermatologist was to always wear sunscreen.

The secret is to apply it at least 20 minutes before you face the sun, to make sure your skin has absorbed it. It prevents your skin cells from damaging and helps maintain tight, wrinkle-free skin.

Don't forget to apply it to your neck as well!


Kourtney Kardashian

Ever heard of oil pulling? The reality TV star uses this known Ayurvedic method of swishing coconut oil around in her mouth to improve oral health and remove toxins from the mouth.

Kate Hudson

There are many benefits of applying ice to your skin. Hudson relied on facial ice baths to reduce puffiness and dullness from her face. Icing your face, amongst other techniques, can help reduce inflammatory acne.


While icing your face on a daily basis can damage sensitive cells, occasional facial ice baths aren't the worst idea. It also tightens your pores briefly and allows makeup to sit better on your skin.


Celebrity-like skin and body are achievable without spending tons of money on cosmetic surgery and spa treatments.

Beauty and health go beyond just makeup, clothes and exercise. Rarely do you find magic concoctions that give you long-lasting results overnight.


The real hack is to be consistent with your self-care regimen.