Incest Killer: Amanda McClure Murdered Her Boyfriend For Dad's Love

Incest Killer: Amanda Mcclure Murdered Her Boyfriend For Dad's Love

In February 2019, Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend, John McGuire, with the help of her family. Shockingly, she took part in the heinous crime so she could marry her biological dad.

Three people killed John: his girlfriend Amanda, her sister Anna, and their father, Larry McClure. After John's death, the homicidal trio buried him, exhumed his body, dismembered it, and reburied it.

Here's the full story of how Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend, John "Bamma" McGuire, father of six.

Amanda And Her Dad Were Reunited After His Release From Prison

Incest Killer: Amanda Mcclure Murdered Her Boyfriend For Dad's Love

Amanda and her sister Anna were estranged from their father, Larry. In fact, due to the many years, he spent behind bars, his two daughters lived in two separate states.

Amanda was brought up by Allen and Gwen Holm, two adoptive parents who also attended her virtual sentencing after she was found guilty of murdering her boyfriend.

Larry had just finished serving time for sex offense charges. At the time, he had spent over 17 years behind bars after he was found guilty of first-degree sexual assault of a minor.

After his release from prison, he decided to get his daughters and bring them to a home he had just rented in Skygusty, West Virginia. He wanted them to live with him in the house.

Larry took his daughters Amanda and Anna, as well as Amanda's boyfriend, John McGuire, and went back with the three of them to Skygusty.

That marked the beginning of the end for John McGuire, Amanda's doting boyfriend.

Ten days after Larry picked up his two daughters and Amanda's boyfriend John, a plan to kill him was set in motion. The jealous father did not want any man near her daughter.

Eventually, McGuire proved to be an unwelcome guest in Larry's home due to the romantic attraction Amanda and her father shared. The family members felt that they had to get him out of the way.

How Amanda McClure Murdered Her Boyfriend John

Amanda Mcclure Murdered Her Boyfriend For Dad's Love

John McGuire was planning a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for Amanda when plans to end his life began.

To mark the special day, John had bought steaks, potatoes, and a bottle of wine to share with his girlfriend, Amanda. Instead, what he got was the worst days of his life.

To get the murder plan in motion, Amanda tricked John into playing a "trust game" with them. This gave Amanda, Anna, and their father Larry an easy opportunity to tie him up.

Once John was tied up, Amanda hit him on the head with the bottle of wine he had bought. He was then injected with a lethal dose of liquid methamphetamine.

Amanda then wrapped a black bin bag around his head as her sister Anna strangled him with a rope as their dad, Larry, held him down.

After Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend with her family's help, she had sex with her 55-year-old father.

The three then started taking drugs, which got them paranoid. That led them to believe that their victim was still alive.

So, six days Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend, they exhumed him, drove stakes into his body, dismembered him, and buried him again using quicklime. They did this in an attempt to make his body decompose much faster.

Three weeks later, Larry and McClure got married in the neighboring Tazewell County using fake details.

It did not take long after Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend with her family's help for John's family to grow concerned. They had not heard from John for weeks, and in June 2019, they reported him missing.

Larry's Arrest, Confession And Conviction

Incest Killer: Amanda Mcclure Murdered Her Boyfriend For Dad's Love

In September 2019, Larry McClure was arrested because he had failed to register as a sex offender as required by the law. At the time, Larry was in Kentucky with Amanda, but he had not told the authorities about his whereabouts, which violated the terms of his parole.

John's remains were found soon after Larry made a full confession. He decided to plead guilty to the charges against him and make a detailed confession to avoid a trial.

He also didn't want any taxpayer money spent on his case.

Larry revealed where John McGuire's body was buried, and authorities finally found his remains on 24 September.

He also confessed that Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend with help from him and his daughter, Anna.

According to Larry, John went through "two to three days of hell" before he finally died. He was then buried in a shallow grave behind the house.

Nevertheless, Larry did not reveal the motive for the killing in the confession, despite implicating his daughters and even admitted that they were still cashing John's social security checks.

Larry was sentenced to life without parole in August 2020. The court determined that he orchestrated the crime in which his daughter Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend.

Nevertheless, he also took part in burying the body once John was dead. Smith, John's mother, had very harsh words for Larry:

"You and your two kids are going straight to hell! To marry your own daughter — that's low-down."

Anna Was Given A 40-Year Prison Sentence

Incest Killer: Amanda Mcclure Murdered Her Boyfriend For Dad's Love

Amanda's sister, Anna, faced first-degree murder charges over John's death. She tried to blame her sister Amanda and her father Larry for her role in the killing.

She claimed in court that the two had threatened to harm her children if she did not do as they asked her.

Anna also revealed that they were high on meth, making them feel that John was a federal informant. That's why they tortured him. John had to keep telling them his social security number to prove his innocence.

According to Anna Marie, the meth injection was supposed to serve as a "truth serum," but it only made John stronger. After the injection, she was ordered by her sister and dad to strangle John with a rope.

She explained that John had died while pleading for his life after he realized that his captors had the intention of ending his life.

After Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend with their help, Anna acted as a witness to Amanda and Larry's wedding.

Eventually, Anna was sentenced to 40 years in prison in April 2021.

Amanda's Trial And Sentencing

Amanda Mcclure Murdered Her Boyfriend For Dad's Love

Once the police had enough evidence that Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend, she was arrested. She was subsequently tried and sentenced through Skype in 2020. Amanda pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

During the trial, she made it seem like she was a victim of her father's abuse. Judge Kornish, however, did not think that her father was as influential in Amanda's decision to participate in John's murder as much as she wanted the court to believe.

The judge felt that she should have taken full responsibility for what she had done. As far as he was concerned, Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend, although she had some help.

Amanda also said that she had hurt both her family and John McGuire's family during the hearing.

During the trial, John's mother, Karen Smith, was emotional as she asked why Amanda decided to take her son's life. She told her boyfriend's mother that the only reason she could give for what happened was that her dad did not want anyone else near her.

Allen, Amanda's adoptive father, apologized to John's mother and requested the court to consider the influence Amanda's father had on her when reevaluating her sentence later.

Amanda's adoptive parents believed that Larry's influence on his daughter was significant and, therefore, worth considering while determining why Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend.

In the end, although Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend in cold blood, she expressed remorse for her actions during the trial:

"I wish I could bring John back. He was a good man."

In October 2020, Amanda was sentenced to 40 years in prison, which was the maximum sentence she could get for her crime. Amanda will be eligible for parole after serving 20 years.

The judge noted that the sentence Amanda had gotten was not adequate for the pain she had caused through her actions.

John's death left his six kids distraught and without a father. The truth is that Amanda McClure murdered her boyfriend John to be with her father.