Am I Annoying Him? 9 Signs You Are Getting On His Nerves


Is your partner annoyed with you, or is he simply going through a strange phase? It can be difficult to determine whether his attitude towards you is something you can change or if there are external factors involved. Perhaps he's stressed about something unrelated to you, such as work or family. However, it's also possible that your actions are bothering him, and he doesn't know how to communicate it. If you're observing any of these indications, it's not a good sign.


1. He Doesn't Call You Back

He lacks the initiative to initiate plans or inquire about your day. Moreover, when you call him, he frequently fails to call back. It often requires several attempts before he picks up or contacts you. And when he does, he doesn't seem very pleased about it.

2. He Doesn't Text You

During the initial stages of your relationship, he would frequently text you throughout the day without any particular reason, just because he was thinking about you. However, now he seldom sends any text, and it could take him days to reply to your messages. He appears to be avoiding communication with you.


3. He Makes Plans With Other People

Whenever you attempt to schedule a meeting with him, he always appears to have plans with other individuals that you don't know, and the events aren't ones in which you could participate. He has work-related plans with colleagues to discuss a project or plans with out-of-town friends. He's been quite occupied recently.

4. He Cancels Dates

Even if you can persuade him to respond to your phone calls or messages and he accepts your invitations, he frequently cancels them before they materialize. He may have a work emergency, or he may be suffering from a stomach illness, but there's always some reason for his cancellations.


5. He Doesn't Listen When You're Talking

Despite finally meeting him, he doesn't seem to be paying attention to you. He's either occupied with his phone or simply not interested in what you're saying. You frequently have to repeat yourself, and when he does react, it's frequently unrelated to what you just said. You realize he hasn't been listening to you when he responds with something like, "That's great," after telling him about your family dog's death.


6. He's Fidgety

He displays restlessness during your time together, always fidgeting with something - tapping a pen on the table or bouncing his leg up and down. He also checks his phone incessantly. This behavior suggests that he is simply biding his time until he can leave. The more agitated he becomes with you, the more he fidgets.

7. He Gets Very Busy At Work

He suddenly has an abundance of new projects and is working overtime, claiming that he needs the extra money. He's gunning for a promotion now that there's an opening in the office. He has a multitude of reasons for why he's suddenly extremely busy with work.


8. He Only Plans To Do Things With You When Other People Are Involved

He agrees to a date, but ensures there will be little time for you to be alone because the date involves several other people. It might be a double date with his best friend, a dinner party at a co-worker's house, or a crowded event like a concert or a sporting event. The common factor is that there's not much opportunity for conversation, so you're less likely to annoy him.


9. His Body Language Shows His Annoyance

You begin to observe his body language closely and notice how often he rolls his eyes in your presence. He crosses his legs away from you or his arms over his chest when sitting together. He frequently sighs and interrupts you when you speak. These are clear indications that he is not interested or invested in the relationship.


If you notice several of these signs, it's likely that he's annoyed when he's around you. So, what can you do? It's important to talk to him and find out what's bothering him. If it's something minor, you might be able to work on it together. However, if it's a fundamental aspect of your personality, you may have to accept that the relationship is not meant to be.