Although I Love You, You Are A Closed Chapter In My Life

Consider yourself forgiven for all you put me through. You hurt me and did me wrong. But I won't hold it against you, though. Let time prove what you deserve instead.

No, my heart will not be a place of bitterness, pain, and resentment. I have let go of all the evil things you did to me. I hope one day you will look back and see what you did and the valuable people you pushed out of your life.

I sympathize with you because unless you change, you will never understand what true love is. You might get a few glimpses of what it's about, but you might never see its full wondrous view.

You might never know what it feels like to love someone so much that you think of them with every breath you take. I am sorry for you because you might never experience how so all-consuming the passion of love can be.

Yes, you might never know how everything around you becomes a blur when you look into the eyes of the person you love. You do not understand what it is to love someone so much you feel you can't live without them.

I'm okay, by the way. One thing I don't regret is deciding to leave and say goodbye to you. The day I walked away, I set myself free completely. Finally, I gave myself a chance at true love, and I know it will come my way.

I am no longer broken. I was because of you. But I picked myself up and moved on. I loved you truly, but you did not reciprocate the sentiments. All you did was leave me wounded.

Understand that I don't blame it all on you. I know it was never your fault. You were wounded, and that is why you passed on the pain onto me. You were broken, but you lacked the courage to come clean and give me a chance to get away before you did to me what was done to you. I hope you realize the right thing to do before you hurt another. I hope you take time to heal your wounds so that true love can find a place in your heart when you meet another.

You are forgiven for everything you did. I am sorry that life has dealt you this hand. I did all I could to love you with everything I had. But this was not a fight I could ever win on my own. Believe it or not, I wish you happiness in your life. I hope that you find what you desire in this life and be happy. May you find fulfillment.

I still love you, and I am not sorry to admit it regardless of everything that has transpired between us. But I love myself too, which is why I cannot settle for the scraps you were offering. I am grateful for all that you gave me. I thank you for the good and bad moments. Know that I have no regrets. I consider you an important lesson in my life, but that lesson is now over and done with - I have moved on.

All the best. You can still reach out if you need help, but you and I are done.