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All You Can Eat Restaurant Forced To Close After Two Weeks Because Customers Ate Too Much

When it comes to all-you-can-eat restaurants, it's hard for customers to curb their tremendous appetites.

But who could blame them? They paid to eat as much as humanly possible!

However, sometimes, when customers take it too far, it can really hurt the restaurant.

How This Restaurant Ended Up $78k in Debt

Unfortunately for Jiamenar restaurant in China, customers took the all-you-can-eat concept to the extreme.


But if you're gonna open that kind of restaurant, you have to be financially ready for anything that might happen, as you don't know how much your customers are going to eat.

Obviously, this Chinese restaurant had a terrible business model that they thought would be profitable. They offered customers unlimited food for the month for just $19!

Sure, that sounds like the dumbest idea in the world, as nothing would stop customers from eating at this restaurant – at least – three times a day.


And, as expected, this was exactly what happened. Although the restaurant served over 500 customers a day, it wasn't profitable to them at all.

People just ate whatever came under their hands! As expected, after only two weeks, the restaurant was $78,000 in debt, which is a nightmare for any business owner, who in this case, we doubt will try to feed people whatever they want for $19 per month again.


Jiamenar thought that this happened because they gave a membership card to whoever signed up for their scheme, but without a picture or anything on it.

This meant that customers might have handed their membership cards to their friends and family to get free meals.

But honestly, the one to blame here is the restaurant owners themselves, as they didn't think enough about what could happen when they launched their infeasible idea.