All The Good Guys Aren't Actually Taken, So Why Does It Seem Like They Are?

Although it may appear that the world is saturated with indecisive and unfaithful men, there are still decent men seeking companionship with women like ourselves. This may sound like a fabricated statement, but it's indeed factual. Here's why it appears that all of the respectable men are already committed, despite the contrary:

1. Women Exaggerate About How Great Their Boyfriends Are

Your closest friends may boast about their exceptional boyfriends, but in actuality, they are most likely just average, respectable individuals. You may have come across a few such men yourself, but due to your high expectations of an extraordinary male figure, you might not have recognized them.

2. You Assume You Won't Be Able To Find One

As a result of being disillusioned by your own unpleasant encounters, you tend to assume that men who appear to be "good guys" are either already in a committed relationship or homosexual. Consequently, when you do come across such men, you may dismiss them right away, convinced that they cannot be as exceptional as they seem.

3. You're Expecting Too Much, Too Soon

The most robust and fulfilling relationships are the ones where both partners inspire the best in each other. It's possible that you're unable to recognize the remarkable qualities of some men because you haven't been in a relationship with them yet, and they haven't had the opportunity to realize their full potential. Similarly, you may not have reached your full potential, so it's crucial to avoid being overly critical of men.

4. You're Looking In The Wrong Places

Stop searching for men on apps like Tinder or at nightclubs. Consider joining a book club or engaging in similar activities. If you continue to seek out good men in dubious locations, you will inevitably be let down.

5. You're Seeing What You Want To See

If the man you desire is already in a relationship, you may regard him as the epitome of perfection. However, if he is single and available, you are likely to scrutinize him more closely, and you will almost always find flaws.

6. Your Standards Are Unrealistic

If you're having trouble finding men who are willing to massage your feet while watching reruns of Oprah with you, it's because such men are rare to come by. Instead of lowering your standards, it's advisable to adjust them to a more realistic level.

7. The Right Men Follow The Wrong Dating Rules

Men often feel compelled to conform to certain behavioral expectations, believing that if they adhere to a set of unwritten rules, such as waiting three days to text, or playing mind games, they'll increase their chances of winning your affection. However, this approach often backfires, and they end up appearing less desirable than they actually are.

8. You're Terrified Of Love

For some people, the thought of being in a committed relationship for the first time can be daunting, even more so than being single. If you're apprehensive about pursuing a serious relationship, you might create excuses to reject potential partners, such as the belief that all good men are already taken.