All Seven Planets In The Solar System Will Be Visible In The Sky This Month

all seven planets in the solar system will be visible in the sky this month

As if to treat humanity to something nice after a markedly bad year, the universe has decided to put on a show.

This month, the solar system will give us humans something truly spectacular to look at - a fabulous alignment of planets.

All seven planets will be visible from Earth at a certain point as they take their places next to each other.

Venus Takes Center Stage

all seven planets in the solar system will be visible in the sky this month
The sky will give Earth a special view this month.

Venus is going to be the brightest this week. Additionally, we will be able to see Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury without a telescope or strong set of binoculars needed.

However, you will have to use either of those tools if you want to see Uranus or Neptune.

While we will be able to enjoy the sight of our solar system aligned, Venus is stealing the spotlight.

This planet is going to be a striking sight in the morning sky and will remain visible for the rest of the year, according to Earth Sky.


Venus will share the morning sky spot with Mercury as it will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere for the first weeks of November.

Curious star-gazers can use Venus to find Mercury. To do so, find the brightest 'star' in the sky and then look downwards. You should be able to notice Mercury towards the horizon.

12 and 13 of November will be especially great days for spotting these two planets.


The Rest of The Starry Cast

all seven planets in the solar system will be visible in the sky this month
Don't miss out on this stellar display!

Mars has actually been visible since the last bit of October and is easily spotted. If you find a bright star that has a reddish colour - that's probably Mars.

Jupiter and Saturn are also visible all through the month as they come closer to their aligned spots.

This is something that happens for these two planets only every 20 years. To see them, keep an eye on the moon around 19 November.


Towards the end of the week, Uranus will be visible with a green-blue colour. You will likely get the best view of this planet at the beginning of November in the evening.

If you have a telescope or binoculars, you will be able to see Neptune at any time of the month, as long as you look at night.