All I Need Is A Man Who Actually Gives A Shit About Me

Have you ever heard the saying, "for every good man is an even better woman?"

Could that really be true? If I can be honest with you, at this point in my life, I am starting to see why they never said, "for every good woman, there is a good man." Yet, here I am, a romantic believer with all of my heart, that there is still a good man out there for me. The only problem with that is, I haven't found him yet!

If I can be transparent and speak to you, I am starting to wonder if he lives in another country?! I have visited a lot of states and I still haven't come across Mr. Right. Sure, I have dated a few guys, but in the end, they seem to have wanted to be "friends with benefits." But that's not what I am looking for.

I even started questioning myself

There were so many thoughts that started running through my head and I would literally say to myself; "Am I not pretty enough?" or "Am I not saying the right words?" Because when I have a potential prospect in my life, it seems to always go down a street heading to nowhere. LOL

All I want is a guy that cannot go a day without sending me a text message just to say hello

It doesn't have to be anything lengthy or full of emojis all over the page, just a simple hello to let me know he was thinking about me. The kind of guy that doesn't wait three days before he responds to a text message, and of course, here I am sitting for the entire three days confused and wondering what is taking him so long. Oh, is there any good guys left out there in the world that is not self-consumed and he has a real desire to be a boyfriend to a wonderful girl like me.

All I want is a guy who can't go an entire day without wanting to see me even if it's through Face-Time or Skype or any other social media. I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic who still believes in true love. And I'm looking for a guy who actually gives a shit about me, and it's not by words only because action speaks a lot louder than words. I believe that is a very true statement.

So, you may be asking, "have I given up on a guy that could actually give a shit about me?" No, I have not given up on it at all! I still believe in some crazy and bizarre way, that I am going to bump into my Knight in Shining Armour somewhere in a grocery store, late at night on aisle 5! So keep believing in love and keep believing that there are some really good guys out there. Anything is possible to those that would dare to believe.