All Grown Up And Mature? Here Are 12 F**ks You Shouldn't Give Anymore

All Grown Up And Mature? Here Are 12 F**ks You Shouldn’t Give Anymore

The day you entered this world, you didn't know a damn thing. And for most people, after a pampered childhood, the harsh truth about this world started to set in.

For instance, justice does not always win, and people are not always kind and considerate. And we all wish this wasn't the case, but the truth is not as reassuring.

But now that you are mature enough to understand this, here are some f*cks you should no longer give because it is not worth it anymore.

1. Other People's Approval

Nobody is saying you should dismiss every bit of advice that comes your way; only that you should not do things because you will get validation for your efforts. If anything, once people realize you are so dependent on their validation, they are more likely to discourage you.

2. Being Afraid To Fail

Although failures are difficult to accept, they are part of life. They should not distract you from reaching your end goal. Just get up and move on with your life.

3. Partying Every Friday Night

Don't let the expectations of having a great time drinking and partying every Friday put any pressure on you. You could stay at home and do whatever the hell you want.

4. Being Right Or Wrong

Nobody is right about everything, so get over your mistakes regardless of the high standards people have held you to. No one is "normal"; and each person's definition of normal, right, and wrong tends to be a little different.

5. Obsessing Over The Future

It is perfectly fine to think and plan for the future, but getting too worried and anxious about it is a waste of your precious time. Focus on enjoying life, and when you can afford it, plan and do something about the future; but don't get too worried about it to the point of not living your life to the fullest.

6. Getting Approval On Social Media

It is okay if you want to plaster your entire life all over social media, but don't get obsessed with the responses you get. Why should it matter so much that a bunch of acquaintances and strangers like your most recent post?

7. Giving Too Much Value To Material Things

At the end of the day, we really need just a few things to live and have a contented life. Having a million bucks in your bank account does feel good, but alienating your family and friends or working yourself to an early grave in order to have it is obviously not worth it.

8. The Perfect Body

There is no such thing as a perfect body, even though the beauty industry would like you to think otherwise. Accept yourself and all the flaws you have. If you are not beautiful to others, be beautiful to yourself and that will be more than enough.

9. Gossip

You should not care so much about gossip, and speaking ill of people behind their backs. This is a terrible and unnecessary waste of your time.

10. Getting Even

Revenge does not taste as sweet as most people say; in most cases, it feels childish and will most likely leave you with feelings of guilt. Hurting someone, however deserving they may be of the harm, will harm you as well; and it's not worth going through that for someone who does not even deserve the best you have to offer as a person.

11. The Past

Learn to leave the past where it belongs and move on with your life. Your past does not have to be perfect for you to have a good life today or in the future.

12. What The World Thinks

A lot of people have been held back their entire lives because they cared entirely too much about what the world thinks of them. If you start paying attention to what everyone says, you will never have a life. People will always be judgmental and think ill of you, regardless of the efforts you make to please them.