Aldi's Fire Pit That Doubles As A BBQ Is Available To Buy


If you missed it last year, Aldi's fire pit is back, and it doubles as a BBQ. It is the perfect garden furniture to upgrade your dining plans this summer!

Aldi launched this popular fire pit last year, but it quickly sold out, thanks to its affordable price.

Now, the fire pit is back for another year, and it's available for purchase. It'll only set you back $61.90 (£49.99)

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This fire pit is easy to use and allows you to enjoy two products in one.

You can convert it into a grill to prepare all your favorite barbecue treats. And once you've finished, you can switch it back to the heater.

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And not only will it keep your garden feeling toasty, but also provide some light in the evenings.

The faux stone item also comes in a trendy grey shade – so it won't be an eyesore in your garden.

It also includes a mesh lid and cooking grate, meaning you won't have to run out for any extras.

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Whether you've always wanted a fire pit in your garden or are looking for a new grill, this is a perfect hybrid.

What's more, you'll even save on outdoor space. The fire pit is also portable so that you can enjoy it anywhere in your patio or garden.

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The product description reads:

"If you're looking to add a touch of style to your garden this summer, this beautiful stone-effect fire pit is ideal."

"With a geometric design, this Faux Stone Fire Pit is pretty impressive! With a cooking grill included, it is perfect for summer evening barbecues and will allow you to spend many lovely evenings relaxing in your garden."


As well, you can also get your hands on an outdoor log burner for $74.28 (£59.99).

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Its bronze tones look stunning, and we love how it includes a place to store your logs.

You can order them online or at Aldi stores.

A description of the log burner reads:


"With a black and bronze steel effect, this Outdoor Log Burner is sure to add something extra to your garden."

"When it comes to safety, you can rest assured, as it comes with mesh surround to [contain the flames.]"

This outdoor heating furniture is receiving positive reviews from shoppers.

One shopper bought faux stone fire pit and wrote:

"I am very pleased with the fire pit. It looks fabulous. It adds a great feature point. Great value for money."

While another added:

"It's just a stunning feature for the garden, at an amazing price… Thank you."