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Aldi Is Selling Piña Colada Wine That Brings The Tropics To You

If you're a fan of piña coladas but lack the ingredients or the motivation to make your own from scratch, Aldi has got you covered. Their piña colada wine is the latest addition to their impressive alcohol selection, and it's guaranteed to transport you to a tropical paradise without ever leaving your home.

Technically Speaking, It Is Called "Beach Colada"

The label unmistakably displays a coconut and pineapple beverage, which is a clear reference to the classic piña colada. It's a double delight that this familiar tropical taste is blended with wine.

It's Ready-To-Drink Straight From The Bottle

The piña colada wine is a ready-to-drink cocktail, which means it's already pre-mixed and you can enjoy it straight from the bottle. For the best taste, chill it in the fridge for a couple of hours, or add extra ice. Aldi has done it again with this delicious creation.

You Can Mix This With Fruit Juice Or Another Alcohol If You'd Like

According to reviews, the piña colada wine from Aldi is quite sweet, so some consumers suggest mixing it with other alcoholic beverages or fruit juice to balance out the sweetness. However, if you enjoy a sugary drink, you can drink it as is, straight from the bottle. The choice is yours!

If You Want A True-To-Life Piña Colada Experience, You Should Add Ice And Blend

If you prefer a more classic drinking experience, you may want to consider blending Aldi's piña colada wine with some ice to create a frozen drink similar to what you would get at a bar or restaurant. Many people have enjoyed this method, and it's an easy way to switch up your drinking experience with this delicious wine.

It Only Costs Around $6, So It Is A Total Bargain

That's awesome!