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Aldi Is Selling Coconut Wine That Will Take Your Cocktails To The Next Level

Aldi offers some of the best affordable alcoholic beverages. Their creativity in developing unique and delicious drinks never ceases to amaze me. In the past year alone, they've released several innovative beverages, such as mango Moscato wine and pina colada wine, that I wouldn't have otherwise considered trying. Their latest addition is a coconut wine, perfect for incorporating into refreshing summer cocktails.

1. Petit Coconut Wine Specialty Is The New Summer Jam

@aldi.mademedoit, an Instagram user, discovered the coconut wine at her nearby Aldi store and was generous enough to showcase it for all of us, prompting a rush to purchase it. It's a no-brainer that this will be a key ingredient in the majority of the cocktails I create this summer, and I strongly urge you to do the same.

2. So What Is This Actually Like?

For those who are having difficulty envisioning the taste of coconut wine, the bottle describes it as a fusion of white wine with a luscious coconut flavor and the finest cream. If that's still not enough, depicts it as having a fragrance of coconut cream and white chocolate cookie, a creamy, lively, and slightly sweet light-to-medium body, and a warming, breezy finish with hints of buttermilk pie, coconut macaroon, vanilla yogurt, and white pepper.

3. While Aldi Doesn't Advertise Their Coconut Wine As A Cocktail Mixer, It Is A Great Idea

Numerous individuals in the comment section believed that this beverage would be perfect for pina coladas. Another commenter disclosed that they mixed it with bananas and ice to create a kind of boozy smoothie, and they were pleased with the outcome. With this drink, the possibilities are endless and are solely dependent on your creativity!

4. At Only $8 A Bottle, You Really Can Not Go Wrong

Don't hesitate to visit your nearby Aldi store for a bottle of coconut wine. It's priced around $8 for a 750 ml bottle and boasts an ABV of 13.9%, which guarantees a slight buzz without the need to consume the whole bottle, making it an excellent choice. Enjoy crafting your cocktails!