You know it’s almost summer when delicious drinks start rolling in from every direction. And this year, Aldi is selling bright-pink watermelon wine, perfect for sipping on all season long.

The warm weather is finally here, meaning you’re probably reaching for your favorite summer drink.

In addition to things like tart sangrias and fizzy gin and tonics, let us introduce you to a new treat: A gorgeous watermelon wine.

What’s This Watermelon Wine?

For starters, It’s pink!

aldi is selling a bright pink watermelon wine that’s as pretty as it is delicious

And although the color is enough to catch your eye, the flavor itself is what we’re most excited about.

The watermelon wine flavor is light, fruity, and just the right amount of sweetness. It’s no wonder everyone wants this wine on ice for warm weather.

According to the product description, the fruity wine features watermelon and citrus complimented by a rich, long-lasting finish. A perfect complement to a delicious meal, beautiful day, fun party, or on its own. Serve chilled.’

We Can’t Wait to Try It

Each watermelon wine bottle is 750 mL and has a 9 percent ABV, and it costs less than $5! In fact, prices are between $3.50 and $4.50, depending on your location.

Wine enthusiasts have already spotted the drink on Aldi stores around the country. The beautiful color, tasty flavor, and a bargain price make this wine almost too good to be true.

You can also look for the watermelon wine when shopping at Aldi on Instacart.

If you don’t see the bottles on Instacart, use the “Add a special request” button to see if they have it in-store.

Of Course, This Watermelon Wine is a Seasonal Item

aldi is selling a bright pink watermelon wine that’s as pretty as it is delicious

The watermelon wine is currently a limited version, so make sure you snag a bottle or more while you can.

People Love This Stuff

So far, people seem to think the pink drink is definitely worth a try.

One Instagram user poured hers on ice and called it ‘very good.’

On Twitter, @Queen_Ash89 said she finally jumped on the “Aldi wine bandwagon” and found the new watermelon wine “pretty good.”

She wrote:

“So it took a min, but I finally jumped on the #ALDI wine bandwagon.. had the watermelon one last night …was pretty good.”

Aldi is Also Selling Other Wine Flavors, Too

If watermelon wine isn’t your thing, this line of wines from ALDI also includes Mango Moscato, Sweet Pineapple, and Peach.

And they all sound perfect for pairing with your favorite outdoor meal or sipping chilled on a warm summer evening!