Alberto Sanchez Gomez, The Spanish Cannibal Who Ate His Mother

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, The Spanish Cannibal Who Ate His Mother

Alberto Sanchez Gomez is a Spanish cannibal who killed his mother in February 2019. The then 26-year-old kept the pieces of his mom, María Soledad, placed them into Tupperware and ate her while sharing her remains with the family dog.

Behind the story are a continued mental imbalance and several previous complaints. Alberto Sánchez Gómez had a restraining order in force due to ill-treatment towards his mom. In addition, Alberto had already accumulated up to twelve police records, most of them precisely for beating his mother.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez Fed His Mother To The Family Dog

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, The Spanish Cannibal Who Ate His Mother

No one imagined that something similar could happen in the quiet and wealthy streets of Madrid's district. Even the police thought so when they learned that a 66-year-old woman had not been seen for a month.

Carrying out the action protocol, on February 20, 2019, the agents went to the woman's home on Francisco de Navacerrada street to check if there was any kind of problem.

The patrol asked, "Is María Soledad at home?" and Alberto Sánchez Gómez answered, "Yes, my mother is inside." One of the most devastating crime scenes the police ever witnessed followed.

Once they entered the home, the agents gazed upon an absolute horror. Alberto Sanchez Gomez, 26 at the time, had killed his mother. Then, he dismembered her into tiny pieces that he stored in Tupperware. Some containers were scattered throughout different spaces of the house.

With a cold and distant attitude, this young man from Madrid explained to the agents how he had ended his mother's life. He confessed that he had also practiced cannibalism with the remains of Maria Soledad. Alberto had been eating his mother's body with the help of his dog Coque.

Those were the last words that Alberto Sanchez Gomez said. Once he admitted what he had done, he was arrested. He did not make any statement at the police headquarters.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez Mom Is Reported Missing

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, The Cannibal Of Las Ventas: An Abusive 'nini' Who Ended Up Eating His Mother

The notice of what initially seemed like a disappearance arrived on Thursday morning at a police station. A friend that reported the disappearance warned that she had not seen Maria Soledad for a month. However, as later concluded, that was not the time Alberto Sanchez Gomez killed her.

During the investigation, another friend and neighbor assured the police that she was chatting with Maria through the terrace a few days before. Marga, as they call her in the neighborhood community, was sunbathing sitting down.

"Hello, Marga, how are you?" her friend asked her. "Well, sunbathing here on the terrace for a while," the victim replied. The two shared an ordinary conversation, and Marga even smiled on several occasions. Who would have thought that such a terrible outcome would occur shortly after?

This conversation led to the conclusion that Alberto Sanchez Gomez killed, dismembered, and fed on his mother in two days.

The Relationship Between Alberto Sanchez Gomez And His Mother

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, The Spanish Cannibal Who Ate His Mother

The truth is that the relationship between the mother and son was never peaceful.

At first sight, Alberto Sanchez Gomez looked like a cordial and polite boy. She would call him, "Fa**ot!" and he would yell, "Bitch!". Behind closed doors, the daily battles took place. Loud noises, slamming of doors, and shouting between the two put the rest of the neighbors on edge all of the time.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez had 12 police records for physically abusing his mother. The police appeared at their home even more times.

According to the neighbors, María Soledad called for help once every three weeks. On some occasions, neighbors revealed, they saw how Alberto escaped through the window or the back of the building to flee from the police.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez's Trip To Greece

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, The Cannibal Of Las Ventas: An Abusive 'nini' Who Ended Up Eating His Mother

This young man was studying Finance for a while but soon dropped out. He tried working in public relations in nightclubs. He also worked in a bar Pasillo de Acho, but all those jobs were relatively short.

At the time of his arrest, Alberto Sanchez Gomez was neither studying nor working.

But it wasn't always like that. In the past, his friends said, he was a boy who seemed to be okay. One stated, "He was shy, but a good guy."

Alberto loved to sing. All his friends and neighbors listened to him sing from his house. Alberto even told them that he wanted to appear in Operación Triunfo.

Later, he went to Greece, where he spent a few months studying with an Erasmus scholarship. But when he returned, everything changed. He seemed like another person.

"María Soledad excused herself by saying that his return from Greece had been prompt due to a beating he had received there," said a neighbor.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez Suffered Got Into Drugs

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, The Spanish Cannibal Who Ate His Mother

In the last two years, this young man had gotten into the world of drugs. He took cocaine, pills, and marijuana daily. He even presented symptoms of schizophrenia, according to his friends. Whenever Alberto and his mother fought, he'd run away from home and sleep with the homeless in the park nearby.

After a while, he only had a few friends left. Alberto confessed his desire to end his mother's life on several occasions.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez's behavior was bizarre. He threw glass bottles from home, got into constant fights, and only thought about finding drugs, a habit he was not trying to hide. Maria confessed to a friend that her son was sick because of his drug addiction. She even told her that she would admit him to a psychiatric center. However, he continued to live at home with María Soledad.

The two of them lived alone. Alberto Sanchez Gomez's father, Jesús Miguel, a cabinetmaker by profession on the outskirts of Madrid, had died of cancer five years before. His older brother hardly ever came by the house.

Another report was given by one of Alberto Sanchez Gomez's friends. He told how he was surprised to see Alberto in the garage of his house alone and very nervous. "I always greet him, and he was still very nice to me, but when I saw him that day, I was surprised by his attitude and how he answered me," he said.

He saw Alberto late on Wednesday, very tense, shaking in the garage corner while smoking a cigarette. "Hello Alberto!" he told him. "Hello," he replied with a serious and angry tone.

It was Wednesday night, a time when he had possibly already killed his mother and was planning what to do next.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez's Psychiatric Reports

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, The Spanish Cannibal Who Ate His Mother

Once the police realized everything that had happened at home throughout the month, they arrested Alberto as the alleged perpetrator of his mother's death.

After the arrest, he was transferred to the premises of the Superior Police Headquarters in Madrid. There, he maintained a frigid attitude and refused to testify about what happened.

Alberto Sánchez Gómez served a year in detention for killing and dismembering his mother and then eating her. He was confined in the Soto del Real prison and accompanied by a "support prisoner" awaiting trial and was included by Penitentiary Institutions in the Suicide Prevention Program.

Several psychiatric reports have been made there, always at the judge's request leading the investigation. The two doctors concluded that he did not reflect psychotic symptoms and showed a "disorder of antisocial personality and paranoia," which, as they specified, "does not modify the intellectual functions."

In addition, they attributed him a "psychopathic" and "narcissistic profile" in which he distinguishes what is "right and wrong, only he doesn't care."

Jail Time

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, The Cannibal Of Las Ventas: An Abusive 'nini' Who Ended Up Eating His Mother

Alberto Sánchez Gómez was sentenced to life in prison for 15 years and five months for the murder of his mother. The sentencing took place on June 15, 2021.

The jury determined that Sánchez Gómez acted in his willpower, ignoring the defendant's lawyer request, who alleged that he heard voices asking him to kill his mother. If considered, this situation would have reduced his sentence to three years and six months in prison.

The convicted man also had to pay his brother, Miguel Sánchez, 60,000 euros in compensation.