Albert Einstein's Theory Of Happiness Explained

Albert Einstein’s Theory Of Happiness Explained

Today, when someone calls you Einstein, they are calling you a genius, ironically or otherwise. Unless, of course, it's your real name.

Albert Einstein is the quintessential genius of our time, and although he stood out for his staggering insight into the physical world, he also shared some nuggets of wisdom that have stood the test of time.

In 1915, He Published The General Theory Of Relativity

This theoretical work became a basis for our understanding of space and time, and it's still in use today.


But being the whimsical genius that he was, Einstein made a complete turnaround in the publication that he would put out seven years later.

Einstein Whipped Up What He Believed Was The Secret To Happiness

And he did not give it much attention and gave it to a messenger boy as a tip. It was simply some advice to the young boy.


But later, the piece of literature would take on a life of its own as Einstein's towering career in the world of science continued to grow.

For instance, on October 24th, 2017, the work, under the title "Einstein's Theory of Happiness" was sold for $1.56 million in Jerusalem.

One of the things that make it so special is that it was handwritten by Einstein himself on a hotel notepad of all things.


The words were simple: "A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness."

Many of us today want to be happy, and we think we can do that by working our butts off, waking up early, and going to bed late so we can earn more money to afford houses, boats, cars, and other luxuries life can give us.

We Have Plenty To Learn From Einstein's Theory Of Happiness

It's time we wake up and understand that happiness has no connection to material wealth.


Joy comes from the simple things in life. Finding contentment despite not having all the wild luxuries of life is what brings us happiness.

But today, many people have high expectations and several misconceptions about happiness.

You will never be happy in this life if all you do is wait to celebrate the big wins. We must learn to enjoy the little pleasures life throws our way now and then.


Being grateful for small things in life does not indicate that you aspire to mediocrity. It shows you are living in the moment, and are appreciative of the journey you are making. Not just the destination.

Einstein totally knew what the hell he was talking about. To be happy, learn to appreciate a modest life and avoid just pursuit "success." Finding happiness in this life is one of the successes worth having.