Al Pacino Insisted On A DNA Test After Discovering Girlfriend's Pregnancy


Al Pacino, the 83-year-old actor, was allegedly surprised by his girlfriend Noor Alfallah's pregnancy and insisted on a DNA test to verify if he is the father. This unexpected news would make him a fourth-time father.

Reportedly, Al Pacino requested a DNA test upon discovering his girlfriend's pregnancy.

TMZ reports that Pacino had not intended to become a father again at his age.

According to TMZ, the 83-year-old actor expressed his interest in taking a paternity test to confirm his relationship with Noor Alfallah's unborn child.

TMZ was informed by insiders that Al Pacino was taken aback by the news because he thought he had medical problems that made it unlikely for him to father a child.

After agreeing to a DNA test, Alfallah confirmed that Pacino was indeed the father.

According to some news reports, the actor might have been unaware of the pregnancy for several months.

According to a source who informed the Daily Mail, Pacino was not kept unaware about the upcoming arrival of the child.

Although it came as a surprise, the actor known for his role in Scarface was said to be delighted upon discovering that he would be welcoming his fourth child.

At the time TMZ broke the news, the mother-to-be was already eight months pregnant.

According to a source close to the couple, Alfallah and the actor began dating in April of last year. As reported by Page Six:

"Pacino and Noor started seeing each other during the pandemic. She mostly dates very rich older men… She has been with Al for some time and they get on very well."

"The age gap doesn't seem to be a problem, even though he is older than her father."

"She moves with the wealthy jet-set crowd, and she comes from a family with money."

Al Pacino, famous for his role in Scarface, has three children. His first child, Julie Marie, was born in 1989 to his ex-partner Jan Tarrant.

He also has twins, Anton James and Olivia Rose, born on January 25, 2001, with actress Beverly D'Angelo. Pacino has never been married.

In similar news, actor Robert De Niro recently became a father for the seventh time at the age of 79. Although the baby's gender and the mother's identity were not disclosed, a representative for De Niro confirmed the birth to The Associated Press.

During the premiere of About My Father, De Niro shared details about the birth with ET Canada's Brittnee Blair.

When asked if he was surprised to become a parent again, he responded with a firm "no" and added, "How you could not plan that kind of thing?"

When asked if he was excited, the actor replied, "I'm okay with it."

In regards to whether parenthood gets easier over time, the Raging Bull actor stated, "I'm good with it."

Drena, 51, and Raphael, 46, are De Niro's children from his first marriage to Diahne Abbott. Julian, Aaron, 27, Elliot, 24, and Helen Grace, 11, are De Niro's children from his second marriage to Grace Hightower.