Al Jorden And Doris Day: The Truth Behind Her First And Abusive Marriage

Al Jorden And Doris Day: The Truth Behind Their Abusive 1941 Marriage

Doris Day: Her Own Story, a book written by Doris Day, revealed several shocking details about Al Jorden and Doris Day's relationship.

Doris Day, a singer and actress, claimed that her former spouse, Al Jorden, mistreated her. Jorden allegedly tried to murder her on several occasions during her pregnancy. So what is her story?

Read ahead to find out.

Al Jorden And Doris Day: The Beginnings

Al Jorden And Doris Day: The Truth Behind Their Abusive 1941 Marriage

Doris Day was only getting started in her acting career around 1940. She had recently signed on to play with Barney Rapp's band, who frequently played in Cincinnati. Day and her mum, Alma, lived here.

It was here that she was introduced to Al Jorden, the band's trombonist. Day, who was 16 years old, was initially uninterested in 23-year-old AI Jorden.

She told her mom after he proposed to her the very first time:

"He's a creep, and I wouldn't go out with him if they were giving away gold nuggets at the movie!"

Thus began Al Jorden and Doris Day's abusive relationship. Al Jorden persisted and eventually started to grow on her. Doris Day consented to let him take her home after gigs. She ultimately fell in love with the temperamental and gruff artist, and they got married.

Doris Day quit the band when Barney Rapp chose to hit the roads with this show. Then, she went on to perform with the Les Brown band.

Day was on the verge of becoming a celebrity, but she opted to leave it all behind to be with Al Jorden. The weight of the Al Jorden and Doris Day relationship weighed her down. She stated she wished to settle down and start a family. She believed getting married to Jorden would provide her with that permanence.

Her mom, on the other hand, as opposed to the affair from the start. However, that didn't stop Day from getting hitched with him. They got married in March 1941, within a year of courtship. Day was just 17 years old.

The ceremony in New York was indeed a spur-of-the-moment event, with the reception staged at a local diner.

Al Jorden And Doris Day's Abusive Relationship

Al Jorden And Doris Day: The Truth Behind Their Abusive 1941 Marriage

Jorden allegedly beat the actress several times throughout their marriage, as per the actress. Day understood that her husband was physically and psychologically violent within a short duration of their married life. He became enraged two days post the wedding.

He observed her kissing a bandmate just on his cheek in gratitude for a wedding gift and punched her unconscious. On some other occasion, the two were strolling by a newsstand in NYC. He discovered a magazine cover where she was sporting a swimsuit.

When she was performing and singing with other guys, Al Jorden was controlling and pathologically possessive. He smacked her violently on the road before a large crowd. He labeled her a "dirty whore" tons of times.

Al Jorden and Doris Day's relationship grew more toxic by the day, and he believed that she was cheating on him:

"What had represented to me as love emerged as jealousy — a pathologic jealousy that was destined to make a nightmare out of the next few years of my life."

Doris wanted a separation. However, two months into Al Jorden and Doris Day's marriage, she got pregnant. Al Jorden wanted her to abort and tried to convince her. When that didn't work, he used force to kill the baby.

"He burst into the room, locked the door in the back of him, and started knocking me around the room… I'm certainly no weakling, but he was strong, and there was no way I could defend myself."

Doris continued:

"He threw me around the room, hitting me, pushing me, knocking me over the furniture,"

All through the pregnancy period, Al Jorden beat her black and blue. However, she was firm in her decision to have the baby.

Al Jorden's Attempt To Kill Doris Day

Al Jorden And Doris Day: The Truth Behind Their Abusive 1941 Marriage

Day's spouse attempted to murder her for the first time when they were going to an engagement. She claimed he grew enraged over something and took it out on her.

"Al had worked up a head of steam over some innocuous incident, and as his fury increased, so did the speed of his Mercury convertible. We were driving on a winding mountain road, and the speedometer was at 110 miles per hour, and he was yelling and screaming at me."

Day claimed she begged Jorden to slow down as she was frightened he was going to murder them. Her former husband answered by saying he wanted to do just that.

"He said, 'I want to kill us, I'm going to kill us both. What's there to live for? So you can make a fool of me, you and that baby of yours?'"

According to Day, Jorden attempted to murder her again as he drew a revolver on her when they were in his automobile. He allegedly placed the gun against her tummy and warned about murdering her and the unborn baby.

Al Jorden And Doris Day's Baby

Al Jorden And Doris Day: The Truth Behind Their Abusive 1941 Marriage

Terry Paul Jorden, Al Jorden, and Doris Day's son was born on February 8, 1942. He'd end up being her one and only kid. The beatings persisted after he was born. Al Jorden had become so aggressive that she had to shut him out of the house after a limit forcibly.

He denied letting Day attend to the infant while he was at home. Moreover, he hit her when she attempted to calm the screaming infant in the middle of the night. Whatever chance Day had of enjoying a healthy family life vanished.

Day called it quits on the Al Jorden and Doris Day marriage and asked for a divorce the subsequent year.

Al Jorden And Doris Day: Post-Divorce

Al Jorden And Doris Day: The Truth Behind Their Abusive 1941 Marriage

After leaving behind the Al Jorden and Doris Day relationship, Day resumed performing and singing at just 18 years old with an infant to care for. She quickly regained her fame. She reunited with the Les Brown band, and her albums proceeded to rank at a higher level than ever before.

In addition, by the late 1940s and early 1950s, she had branched out into movies. She co-starred with James Garner and Rock Hudson in high-performing rom coms and made a name in that genre.

She established herself among the most renowned performers in the country by the late 1950s. On the other hand, Al Jorden suffered from what is thought to be schizophrenia. He killed himself by shooting a bullet through his head in 1967.

Final Thoughts

Al Jorden And Doris Day: The Truth Behind Their Abusive 1941 Marriage

Al Jorden and Doris Day's marriage was a disastrous, scary one. Day suffered a lot at Jorden's hands. However, what saved her was her firm decision to leave Jorden and build a life for herself and her child.

Indeed, her story serves as a motivation for many abused spouses today.