After Serving 3 Million Meals In Puerto Rico, Chef Travels Ahead Of Hurricane Florence To Feed Even More

after serving 3 million meals in puerto rico, chef travels ahead of hurricane florence to feed even more

Puerto Rico was greatly devastated by Hurricane Maria, and celebrity chef Jose Andres rose to the occasion and started serving meals to the storm survivors. However, this compassion did not end there: he has now gone on to provide his charity services to survivors of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.

He doesn't want anyone starving because of the unforgiving storm.

Jose Andres owns a nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, and together, they have been working to feed millions of people through all sorts of natural disasters. After the disaster in Puerto Rico, he served more than 3.6 million meals.


His team stayed in the country for a year, making food for the people left destitute by the storm. The nation is still recovering from the damage.

Recently, his team has set up kitchens in Raleigh and Wilmington in North Carolina, which are the parts most endangered by Hurricane Florence. They arrived there days before the storm arrived.

Based on a report by CNN, Andres and his team have so far delivered more than 140,000 meals to dozens of police stations, shelters, neighborhoods, response teams, and families that lack access to food in the area.


In fact, for a whole week, World Central Kitchen was the only food relief program serving the area on a large scale basis. They are not afraid to brace the dangers of delivering meals in such hostile weather.

Andres revealed this in an interview with CNN:

"Even though there is still a lot of flooding, I believe yesterday was more dangerous than today. I'm just glad the storm is finally over and people can start getting their lives back to normal."


To many hurricane survivors, chef Andres is an angel. His charitable work has touched many lives and ensured that a lot of people left with nowhere to turn by the storm have something to eat as they try to piece their lives back together.