After Breaking Her Heart, You Lost Her Forever. This Is Why

After Breaking Her Heart, You Lost Her Forever. This Is Why

I don't know what's surprising about her not wanting to come back to you. Yes, she loved you, but she will not give you another chance.

You broke her heart, that's why. What else did you expect?

You can now tell for certain she was the girl for you. You realize what a valuable gem you have lost.

When you were together, she was at your beck and call, and yet this reality eluded you.

You were too close to realize the incredible impact she had on your life. You took her for granted because she loved you. You never considered for a moment that one day she would leave because she was so committed to you.

You Did Not Even Realize How Hard You Had Fallen For Her

You were blind to the fact that you needed her more than she needed you.

So you let her go. And as soon as you did, you started to think maybe she was the right person for you.

Before then, you were thinking of how everything would have been perfect if a few more things had fallen into place.

Maybe the timing could have been better. Or maybe you needed to be at a better place in your life. Maybe you didn't love her enough.

The truth is that you were too dumb to realize how good you had it. You did not realize you had hit the relationship jackpot. In your egotistical delusions, you imagined there was something better out there for you.

It was only after you ended things that the truth became clear for you.

Now, you know she was special. She was invaluable. She was more than you ever deserved.

But you pushed her away along with your hopes for a better life. Now she is completely gone, and you have no one else to blame for your misfortune but yourself.

You know you will regret this for life.

She Was Perfect For You

You could even say she was made specifically for you.

Your chance at happiness was literally in her arms. She gave you more love than you could ever hope for, but your naivety got in the way.

You did not deserve her.

There was far much you could have done to keep her around. But you now realize you couldn't do enough to repay the immense care and love she showed you.

Her devotion to you and commitment to the relationship was perfect, you know that. She gave you her all, although you did nothing to deserve it.

Instead, you treated it like dirt.

She was heartbroken and shattered by your attitude. But that wasn't enough, was it? You had to make things worse by leaving her.

You Made Her Feel Unworthy And Undeserving Of Love

She had put her hopes in what you had together. You meant the world to her, but you acted like that was nothing.

When you broke things off, she realized you weren't the right person for her. You never could be.

That's why she can't come back. Nothing you will ever do will make her forget what a terrible mistake you were to her.

Yea, She Is Gone Forever

She wanted to be by your side, let you enjoy the warmth of her love, and help you build a home. She did the thankless job of committing to you.

She made sure you felt loved, but it never occurred to you to reciprocate the feeling.

She was your best friend and your biggest fan. And the best you could do is take her for granted and then break her heart.

Why would she be coming back? In your time with her, you gave her no reason to stay, and endless reasons to leave for good. And now, it has finally happened.