After Bears Kept Stealing His Honey, This Man Decided To Turn Them Into Honey Tasters

In all our childhood years, we loved reading and watching Winnie The Pooh. Now we know what bears really love the most in the world: Honey!

While storybooks and cartoons adorably represent the bear's love for honey, the truth is that these animals can even kill to get it. If not, they can at least cause damages worth thousands of dollars on bee farms.

Running a bee farm isn't easy, especially when large clawed thieves keep sneaking onto your property and steal your only merchandise.


Bears can be a massive pain for beekeepers. These animals keep raiding on honey stash every night and leave behind a huge mess. This was the case for Ibrahim Sedef, a beekeeper professional from the northeastern province of Trabzon, Turkey.

after bears kept stealing his honey, this man decided to turn them into honey tasters
after bears kept stealing his honey, this man decided to turn them into honey tasters

Ibrahim Sedef tried everything to keep off bears from his beehives. He first installed steel cages, but these fierce animals topped over them.

Then, he tried reinforcing them with cement, but bears dug the soil around and under the metal cages to get access to get the honey.

He even placed some of the beehives on top of the sheds, out of the bears' reach. But bears climb the trees and reach the hives, have a feast, then slide down just like firefighters.


Ibrahim gave up, he told news reporters:

"After all the trouble they went through by climbing that tree, I'll just let them. I promise, from now on, I will feed them. In spite of what happened, when I watch the recorded moments, I forget all the damage they caused me and I love them."

So, instead of carrying on the fight against these hungry animals, he decided to give in and gave bears something handy to do. Ibrahim turned them into his own honey tasters!


Ibrahim's idea is genius. Who knows which honey is best better than a hungry bear?

He set up night-vision cameras, placed honey in different containers, and let the bears decide the ones they liked.

As it turns out, bears have a good and expensive taste. After testing different honey varieties, Ibrahim discovered the animals were continually ignoring and going for the same ones.

Ibrahim's sweet-toothed friends enjoy Anzer honey, which is more expensive, and ignore the cherry blossom honey type.


It's exciting to see Winnie The Pooh's legacy being brought to life.

Anzer honey is good for your health as it contains lots of benefits. Mainly produced in Turkey, this honey variety can heal illnesses such as digestion issues, skin conditions, and tonsillitis.

It's also rich in Vitamin C and Iron.