After All These Years, Is She Still In Love With You? Find Out How!

after all these years, is she still in love with you? find out how!

It's been a few years that you and your girl have been together, and things aren't as steamy as they used to be. You can't even remember the last time you went on a date, sent each other naughty texts, or planned surprise romantic getaways.

Does this mean she has fallen out of love with you, and that the love is slowly dying out? Could it mean that she's open to moving on and discovering new partners?

In short, have the pressures of modern love finally gotten to her?

Here are a few signs that should have you convinced that your partner is very much into you:

Small things still matter to her. Things like taking the time to message or call each other during the day no matter how busy it is. If she looks forward to sharing what her day was like with you, you're clearly important to her.

- She is genuinely concerned when you are sick and will take time off to check up on you, make sure you're getting those medicines, food, and rest. She'll help out with household chores and do her best to get you back on your feet. A woman who has moved on emotionally will just not be that invested.

- She still dusts stray crumbs off your face, will straighten out your collar, and makes sure your hair is in place before you set out for an important meeting or occasion. She does it because she wants you to look your best even if she isn't necessarily accompanying you.

- She is interested in what you have to say and will give you sound, no-nonsense advice. She won't seem distracted or, worse still, shut you down as you speak. Similarly, if she's had a rough day at work or a falling-out with family members or friends, you're the first person she seeks out. A woman who has lost interest in her partner will look elsewhere for advice.

-You're still her favorite movie partner, and she'd rather watch films with you than anyone else. You dared watching an episode of a series without her, and she'll take it very personally, quickly chastising you. That should say a lot about what you mean to her.

-She still takes an interest in the new music you discover. Chances are she has always loved the music you played and ensured she had those tracks on her phone. Yes, her face still lights up when you play songs that are a throwback to when you first started.

- Friday nights and weekends with you are still sacred to her. She doesn't demand an expensive date but is content hanging out with you at home, wine in hand, soft lights, and meaningful conversation. This woman isn't high-maintenance and clearly values quality time with you.

- Months or even years into the relationship, she still chooses to spend life's most important moments (weekends, birthdays, and holidays) with you. A woman whose interest is on the wane will slowly begin to make way for newer people, family, friends, or even colleagues to spend fun times with.

She is not averse to your touch. Sure, things aren't spicy as they used to be but she looks forward to snuggling with you in bed, and she holds you close when you're down.

If the woman you are with displays most of these traits, years into the relationship, consider yourself lucky. Tenderness, affection, and a genuine interest in partners well being are hard to come by.

Very often men tend to jump the gun and end up losing exceptional women because of issues that could have been easily worked out. You don't need to go down that path.

Don't lose heart though if your partner seems to have moved on. You can do so too! Here's an excellent resource on things to say to attract women, and another one on how to rescue your dating life in your late 20s.