After 220 Bad Dates With Men, This Former Model Decides To Marry Her Dog

After 220 Bad Dates With Men, This Former Model Decides To Marry Her Dog

For many of us, finding our 'Happily Ever After' can take forever to happen, and sometimes you can lose hope of meeting the right partner. After too many failed relationships, it can leave you demoralized and discouraged.

Former model, Elizabeth Hoad, has already given up finding her true love. Instead, she has now decided to marry her dog.

1. And 220 Bad Dates Are to Blame

Hoad hoped to meet a regular man to date and possibly marry. Trying her luck, she ended up dating over 200 guys, and all of them didn't fit the bill.

What's more, most of the men turned out downlight awful. Because of this, she lost faith in a regular relationship and chose her dog, named Logan, to become her marriage partner.

2. She's Completely Done with Men

Hoad, 49, told The Sun:

"I'm done with men. I've had 220 dates in eight years from six dating sites, and it's generally been a disaster."

"I thought it would be a good idea to 'marry' Logan instead. He never leaves my side, and we love one another. Some might think I'm bonkers, but it feels right. It's my way of saying we'll be together forever."

3. Hoad Has Been Engaged Twice Before, but It Didn't Work for Her

It's so disappointing when you've worked so hard to maintain a relationship, but it ends up failing. The worst relationship nightmare is getting engaged to someone, but then they end up breaking your heart just before you get married to them.

And to Hoad, it happened twice! No wonder she's so frustrated with men.

4. Logan Has Always Been with Her

On the other hand, Logan has been a constant "good boy" in her life since she adopted him a year ago.

Hoad said:

"He's saved me, and I've saved him. I was broken before I got him."

It wasn't just her. Many of her friends are now preferring the company of their dogs to men. She's not even the first woman to get married to one.

5. But She Still Needed a Priest to Join Them in A Matrimonial Ceremony

The ceremony was meticulously planned, and it was arranged that the golden retriever groom will have his best men, huskie friends Ajax and Bear, standing by his side.

Also, around 20 invited guests saw Hoad put a ring on her finger and exchange oaths in eternal fidelity and love with the dog.

after 220 bad dates with men, this former model decides to marry her dog

6. Hoad Married Her Doggie in August

The ceremony was tentatively scheduled for August 2, 2019, and they were to go on their honeymoon in a dog-friendly hotel! This sounds kind of sweet.

This isn't the first time a woman has chosen to walk down the aisle with their four-legged friends after having given up on men.

In 2009, 35-year-old Wilhelmina Callaghan from Northern Ireland married a dog called her "king" Yorkshire terrier Henry. She's now celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Earlier this year, Lilly Smartelli, 55, from Phoenix, Arizona, told the New York Times of her plans to marry Bernie, her poodle-cross.

As Lilly said, "He's always there for me. He listens, and he loves me no matter what. What more could a woman want?