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Afghanistan: Taliban "Angry" And "Betrayed" After The US Leaves Inoperable Equipment Behind

Afghanistan: Taliban “angry” And “betrayed” After The Us Leaves Inoperable Equipment Behind

Taliban fighters are not happy with the US troops for not leaving them working equipment.

The US troops' decision to destroy heavy machinery and military equipment left Taliban fighters feeling "angry" and "betrayed."

Allegedly, the Taliban forces expected foreign armies to leave all working equipment on their soil, including helicopters and heavy machinery.

The story broke after the organization found Afghan National Army's helicopters were destroyed at the airport in Kabul.

An Al Jazeera reporter, who was following the Tablian troops in Kabul, stated:

"They are disappointed, they are angry, they feel betrayed because all of this equipment is broken beyond repair. They say that they expected Americans to leave helicopters like this in one piece for their use."

"When I said to them, 'Why do you think that the Americans would have left everything operational for you?', they said, 'Because we believe it is a national asset and we are the government now, and this could have come to great use for us.'"

A U.S. Department of Defense spokesperson confirmed that "we disabled/demilitarized that equipment at Hamid Karzai International Airport before our departure."

The Taliban hope to reopen the commercial side of the airport for flights in the coming days.

Afghan forces were operating 167 aircraft, and 46 airplanes and helicopters were moved to Uzbekistan. The rest were made unusable by the US forces.

It is unclear how many planes are in the Taliban's hands. Still, the US evacuation mission commander, Gen. Frank McKenzie, confirmed that his troops had removed weapons and landing gear from several planes and helicopters shortly before their final departure.

After almost two decades in Afghanistan, CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie stated it was a heartbreaking departure, confirming that "we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out."