Afghanistan: Gay Man "Raped And Beaten" By Taliban After He Was Tricked Into Meeting Them

Afghanistan: Gay Man “raped And Beaten” By Taliban After He Was Tricked Into Meeting Them

Taliban members beat and raped a gay man after they tricked him into meeting them.

A man, whose real name is not disclosed, was trying to find a way to escape from Afghanistan. He met two people online who pretended they would help him.

When he went to meet them, the gay man was raped and beaten. The Taliban members also threatened that would out him to his father.

Though he survived the attack, this raised more concerns among the members of the LGBTQ community in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

The Attack Was Confirmed By The LGBTQ Activist

Afghanistan: Gay Man

Artemis Akbary, an Afghan LGBTQ+ rights activist based in Turkey, said:

"Two people raped him, they beat him, and then demanded his father's number so they could tell him his son was gay."

Akbary added that while the man had survived, he was now hiding his identity due to fear of further persecution.

The activist is now scared that more Taliban members will try to entrap the members of the vulnerable LGBT community. Some fear that homosexuality will, once again, result in the death penalty in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Gay Man

Speaking to ITV News, Akbary added:

"My friends in Afghanistan are scared, they don't know what will happen to them in the future, so they're just trying to hide….[the Taliban] are trying to tell the world "we are changed, and we don't have problems with women's rights or human rights" – but they are lying."

The previous regime was not making things easier for same-sex relationships, and prison sentences were not common, but they existed.

However, things are now so intense that LGBTQ+ charities Stonewall and Rainbow Road wrote to the UK government asking them to help evacuate LGBTQ+ Afghans "who are at extreme risk of torture and death at the hands of the Taliban and are already in fear of their lives."

Kimahli Powell, chief executive at Rainbow Road, told ITV:

"Things will only get worse" for LGBTQ+ Afghan's still in the country."

"All signs indicate that people will face real danger in the weeks and months to come."

Dramatic challenges in the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan are not only related to basic human rights. The country is facing economic collapse, and there are warnings that the food could start running out within weeks.