A&E Nurse More Than Doubles Pay Turning To Adult Websites Due To Coronavirus Cuts

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to many households suffering due to job losses. Some women decided that they would find alternative ways to take care of themselves and their families.

These ladies use their natural assets to keep food on the table without going too far and doing anything illegal.

Despite the disdain with which some people may look at these women, they inspire others who feel hopeless.

And in the process, they are earning thousands. Sure, they're not wholesome role models, but they prove that when life gets tough, so can they.

Three Women Who Use Adult Sites To Earn Money

These three women signed up to adult-only subscription sites to supplement their incomes.

It is what has kept them financially standing during the uncertain times caused by Covid-19.


a&e nurse more than doubles pay turning to adult websites due to coronavirus cuts

A&E nurse Nicola first signed up for some of the adult sites just for the fun of it. She also used it as an escape of sorts after her nursing shifts were cut down.

The mother of four has been working in healthcare for two decades, but her shifts were cut when the virus hit its peak.

It may have started as light-hearted fun, but Nicola was able to collect £4,500 in her first month.

This is a lot more than the £1,750 she earned as a nurse.

a&e nurse more than doubles pay turning to adult websites due to coronavirus cuts

The 39-year-old is careful about the kind of content that she posts. She prefers to keep it tasteful and only shares short clips or photos of herself in bikinis, gym wear, or swimwear.

Nicola never shares photos of herself completely naked. As such, she doesn't fear the idea of revenge porn.

She feels it is a legitimate way to earn money during a really difficult time and she's grateful for it.


a&e nurse more than doubles pay turning to adult websites due to coronavirus cuts

Catherine is a bar manager who fell on hard times when the bar she takes care of had to close. Before then, she had been earning £1,800 a month.

As a mother of two, she needed to do something. She was offered universal credit of £73 a month, but that wouldn't even cover the rent.

Catherine started to share topless and glamorous photos of herself on adult websites.

No matter what kind of photos she took, she always made sure she's comfortable with them.

She was first told about the online adult sites by friends and decided to give it a try. It saved her life.

In the first month after joining OnlyFans and Fanzworld, Catherine was able to earn £3,000.

She admits that she didn't feel great about doing it, but the lockdown had put many people in bad situations.

Despite not loving what she does, she found a way to cope financially and feels lucky.

And she was not always sharing 18+ photos.

Sometimes, it was just a snap of her enjoying a few sunrays in her garden.

She even had normal chats with men that were friendly and platonic. Catherine charges her fans £7 a month, and her fans come from all over the world.

Now, she works in security and runs courses that help people get back into employment.


a&e nurse more than doubles pay turning to adult websites due to coronavirus cuts

23-year-old Abi is a graphic designer who lost her job thanks to the Coronavirus.

She is a Leeds Beckett University graduate who worked for a paintbrush company. Abi designed artwork for her employers and earned £12,000 a year.

Graphic design is something that she really loves, but her position wasn't seen as vital during these difficult times, and she was made redundant.

Abi joined multiple sites such as Glamour Lounge Live, which shows feeds from live webcams.

She was nervous at first because she couldn't see who was viewing her.

However, she stuck with it and eventually became more confident.

Now, she's earning £1,000 a week on average.

Abi isn't too worried about people sharing images of her because nothing she does is very explicit.

a&e nurse more than doubles pay turning to adult websites due to coronavirus cuts

She plans to head back into a career in graphic design when the time is right.

For now, these adult sites are a good alternative money-making solution for many women.

Although people may criticize their decisions, they are doing what they can during trying times.


It may feel safe to be doing this kind of thing from behind a webcam or on a site that promotes anonymity, but there are still risks involved.

A support group has warned that women could face long-term consequences if they sign up for the subscription sites.

They are open to harassment and stalking because of the kind of content they share.

The Women's Support Project's Linda Thompson feels that the sites don't do enough to protect the women either.

On top of this, sharing these kinds of images could affect your future career and show up in background checks when trying to emigrate or apply for a government job.

Of course, the women who do this know that when something goes on the internet, it's there forever.

They might feel the risk is worth the rewards they enjoy.