Adulting: How To Be Emotionally Stable

Adulting: How To Be Emotionally Stable

It's one of the things that always tops the pile of Boomer articles written about the state of affairs in Millennial life. The principle of 'adulting'. The old dogs don't seem to care for the fact that what they call the day to day monotony of life is something that we've tried to make more interesting and approachable.

To say nothing of the fact that the alienation from normalized chores and simple domestic tasks is resultant of the failure of their generation to teach us these skills, given that we've had to look outside ourselves to find the answers to our questions, why shouldn't we get a kick out of calling it something fun.

Anyhow, whether it's paying our taxes, filling out our subsequent tax return, or even figuring out how to wash mixed loads of clothes with a color catcher, if it's something commonplace but never explained, you can call it adulating.

If it makes you feel more grown-up and ready to face the world, it's adulating

Don't be ashamed of wanting to be more emotionally mature and stable. To function in this world we have to find ways to make it more interesting.

I don't mean that we should fall into the capitalistic trap of competing with one another to the death, or making all our hobbies something we stand to 'benefit economically from', but you get my drift. If it's fun, we're more likely to learn it.

Here are other ways in which we can reclaim our adulthood in fun, emotionally stable ways!

1 – Ignore all the childish gossip around you, it's beneath you, trust me

While it was all the rage in high school and even consumed us more than we'd like to admit in college, the time has long since passed to listen to rumors around you or about you.

If it's not coming straight from the source, take it with a pinch of salt. Even then, don't pay them any attention. Gossipers are a classic case of people with too much time on their hands, trying to compensate for their own insecurities.

At every tier of life, there will always be people that are like this, and you have to learn how to stop giving them the time of day. Otherwise, they will just continue to take up airspace in your mind.

2 – Don't expect yourself to be perfect at all times, you won't be

This attitude has been ingrained within us for years and years – since records began women have been told to shut up and look pretty. To be an incomplete human, basically, but do so perfectly nonetheless.

If we were all perfect we would just be robots and that would be such an uninteresting life to live. After all, aren't all of our favorite parts about our friends their kooky eccentricities and funniest mishaps? How else do we stand out from the crowd, if not with our wonderful differences?

To that end, people who allow themselves to make mistakes and be imperfect are adulating, and on the right path to emotional stability. More still, failure is not the end of the journey.

You have to look at your failures in the eye and address them. Ensure they don't happen again, or that you're more equipped to embrace them the next time. We aren't perfectible human beings, we just need to keep having new experiences.

To grow and extend our horizons, it's the only way forward.

3 – Don't waste time hating yourself, or other people

Negativity spawns negativity, remember that, folks. No matter who you are, we're all insecure, and we all doubt ourselves. We're all just trying to get through our time on this green earth as best we can, however we see fit.

Sometimes those methods overlap, sometimes they don't. You just have to rumble with it.

So pour one out for the Boomers that didn't give us a chance. We're here, we're emotionally stable, and we're adulting pretty darn well.