'Adulting 101' Classes Teach Real-World Skills

At what stage do you consider yourself a grown-up? Most of us have grappled with this question at one point in time. But senior students at Fern Creek High School are far more prepared for adulthood than we ever were.

It's usual for many kids to want to become adults even while they're still in their teenage years. But when they finally become grown-ups, they find themselves unable to complete a simple task or a duty.


Senior students at Fern Creek High School are so lucky. This school has introduced a course, "How To Adult 101." The students are taught everything they need to know as adults.

The College Access Resource teacher, Sara Wilson-Abell, told KWCH:

"The term 'adulting' has been a big thing lately. And I just kind of took that and ran with it."

The course gives the students three days to learn some of the necessary household tasks such as laundry, how insurance works, how to save money, and life skills, among other subjects.


The school also invited experts in various sectors, including banking, to teach students about loans. They also brought State Farm agents to discuss insurance topics and others.

If such programs were introduced at our time, perhaps we would have had an easier time learning to be adults. The course can also benefit "some" young adults who're still struggling to do some basic tasks like laundry.


The students learn other topics, including how to maintain your car and dorm-room, and cooking. In the "Master Chef Room Challenge," the instructors work with the seniors to whip up masterpieces with ingredients such as ramen, pizza rolls, and peanut butter.

More Adulting Courses

Other schools are also realizing the importance of teaching their graduating seniors how to become responsible adults. Bullitt Central High School also introduced the course in their curricula, where students dedicate an entire day to learning about adulthood.


At Bullitt Central High School, the day is called "Adulting Day."

The school allows students to interact with adults from the community. This enables the kids to learn some of the necessary skills they'll need after graduating.

The students learned tasks such as changing a car tire, using credit cards, financing, and cooking.

Grown-ups can take adulting classes too. An Adulting School in Portland, Maine, targets millennials who want to learn how to sew, engage in conflict resolution, deal with relationships, and cook.


The History And Meaning Of Adulting

The term "adulting" is a gerund word arising from the verb "to adult." The verb "adult" was nominated by the American Dialect Society as the year's most creative construction in 2015.

And according to American Speech, the verb means "to behave in an adult manner; engage in activities associated with adulthood." Linguists even traced the word to its first usage by a Twitter user in 2008.


According to Time Magazine, millennials are also using "adulting" to distance themselves from adulthood while transiting into it.