Adult Star Coconut Kitty Has Died

Coconut Kitty, who was an adult film performer, has passed away.

Diana Deets, the model whose birth name was used, passed away on February 19 as a result of her own actions.

Although her age was never officially verified, the celebrity frequently claimed to be 24 years old.

Nevertheless, this was a figure she had been stating for several years.

A statement announcing her demise has been posted on her Instagram account.

The statement said: "Last Sunday, Coconut took her own life. It's unfair. Life isn't fair. We wish you guys could get to know her the way her friends and family did.

"She was such a light to this world, truly, she was always glowing."

The declaration characterizes Coconut as "hard headed," "strong," and "kind," while underscoring her thoughtfulness towards others.

Additionally, it mentions that she possessed a smile that could "light up a whole room" and "turn your whole day around," and her laughter was "contagious."

It continues: "She was the type of person who would drop everything to help you with your problems and would always be in your corner. She would go to war for you if anyone ever dare try to hurt someone she loved."

"Her energy was so pure. And we wish so much that we could have taken some of the darkness that was weighing on her heart. She always felt so deeply, with her whole body, mind, and soul."

"She was amazing and just a beautiful person. We miss her so much and life is never going to be the same without her."

The declaration acknowledges that she was a mother who adored nothing more than caring for her children.

It continues: "Above all, she loved her kids and being a mom. Her kids were her whole world."

"She was devoted to them and she wanted to make sure that they were loved. And they were so loved."

The statement concludes with an appeal for everyone to reach out to their loved ones, as one can "never know" what they might be experiencing.

"Call them and tell them you love them," it reads.

"You never know how much time you'll have left with the people you love."

"We love you forever Coconut, rest easy beautiful."

Individuals are turning to Twitter to honor and pay tribute to Deets.

One person writes: "RIP Coconut Kitty."

Another adds: "Rip Coconut Kitty. Mrs Deets you were very beautiful and now you're an angel like you always were."

During a Rolling Stone interview in 2021, Deets confessed to being "terrified" of being recognized in public and placed great importance on her family's privacy.

The creator of the content stated to the media: "I did get tired of people commenting on my looks when I was camming."

She also clarified that she derived the moniker "Coconut Kitty" from her period as a struggling artist.

The adult star said: "At that point, I was like, 'How can I make money off my art?' and that's how I decided to do digital art."

"And that's how I created Coconut Kitty."