Adult Influencers Can Now Attend The World's First Sex Worker University

Adult Influencers Can Now Attend The World’s First Sex Worker University

Just when you thought you heard it all, the world's first University for sex workers opened its doors.

Centro University has one goal in mind: to help adult influencers, porn stars, and sex workers to get to the top of their field, launching new stars and assisting veterans in monetizing even more through the series of courses.

There are no classrooms, yet

Though it sounds like every teen's wet dream, there's no actual building where you get to meet all the freshmen.

Instead, going to the Uni is code for taking a 10-part video course covering every aspect of the industry, from health and safety to financial tips and other vital information.

But, it's free, so don't jump "Scam!" just yet.

Centro sounds promising

FanCentro ambassador and sex worker MelRose Michaels is ready to vouch for the system.

In a recent interview for Dazed, she explained that the platform helped her get ahead in her career.

I logged online the first time on October 3, 2011, in an apartment with no furniture and promised myself I wouldn't log off until I made enough money to cover my first rent payment. I made over $7,000 in my first two weeks in the industry and had no plans on looking back.

Sounds a bit too good to be true, but let's try to keep an open mind.

You can sign up now

Since it's a free course, all you have to do is sign up. But, keep in mind that Centro Uni was composed of experts in the industry to give you all the skills and know-how needed to start a brand, create a following, and utilize all the tools.

This simply means that if you're not in the business, you shouldn't sign, just for the sake of it. Some people actually do need it, as it may be their only source of income.

Kat Revenga, Vice President of FanCentro, explained:

Sex work is real work and benefits from education and training just like any other. The more support we can give to performers, the more our industry will thrive. Our industry is changing rapidly, and we believe that by providing adult performers a free education and career support, we're investing in the future of our community.

The classes sound great

Well, not so much the classes as what's included in the courses.

Unlike most Universities, you won't learn about ancient philosophers, but some courses are much more useful.

Here's what the first sex Uni has to offer:

-How to get started as an adult influencer

-Creating your persona

-Building and monetizing your fanbase

-Health and safety

-Sales and distribution strategies

-Contracts and the law

-Privacy and censorship

-Taxes and accounting

It's somewhat similar to what other influencers do, with a small adjustment. Sex workers actually work for a living. Is it fair to say the same for Instagram stars?

No read flags, just questions

While checking out the Centro University for red flags, we only had one question in mind.

It's a course, so why not call it as is it. Most likely, the people who made this project want to gain publicity for the next ones.

But is that really all? We have no idea because, just like you, we just learned that there's a sex University. So, we need time to process this and get more info. Stay tuned!