"Curious" Adult Star Angela White Claims She's "Open To Having Sex With Aliens"


According to recent reports, Angela White has expressed her willingness to engage in sexual activities with an extraterrestrial being.

During her appearance on the Only Stans podcast, hosted by Glenny Balls, 38-year-old Australian adult film actress Angela White shared several revelations. These included the fact that she had performed on cam with identical twins at separate times and that her longest sexual encounter lasted for six hours.

As the discussion shifted towards the topic of extraterrestrial existence and the potential for alien impregnation, Angela expressed her willingness to engage in intimacy with an alien being.

"The baby part, I'm no longer sexually turned on at that point," she told told Glenny.

"But the idea of like, if there were intelligent beings that could consent to sex. What would it be like to have sex with an alien?"

Only Stans host Glenny jokingly said: "One day we'll find out. If they ever come to earth, you're on it."

Wearing a smile, Angela acknowledged her curiosity and stated: "I'm very curious about experiencing all things that I can in this life, so."

Apart from her openness to the possibility of aliens, Angela also divulged on several other topics during the podcast, such as her past involvement with identical twin brothers who were both aware of each other's camming activities.

Angela recounted how she discovered that the two individuals she was camming with were identical twin brothers. She mentioned that during a camming session with one of them, he unexpectedly brought his brother into the room, leaving her surprised and unaware of their relation until that moment. To clarify, camming refers to performing actions over a webcam for a paying audience.

After discovering that the two individuals were twins, Angela proceeded to reveal that she engaged in sexual activities with both brothers at separate instances.

She said: "He was one of the identical twins that I f***ed – then I ended up f***ing [his brother]. No – on purpose! We had a situationship, it wasn't just sex."

"He was a fan. OK, there was a timespan. We were really into each other and we were ongoing for a while, right?"

Detailing what happened, she continued: "Then, eventually that all broke down and then – here's the funny part of the story – I was camming with his identical brother at the same time."

"They knew because at one point twin one was like 'I have a surprise for me' and he brought twin two in and said 'come in here'."

"I was like [shocked] so I had been camming with both at the same time. Once I started f***ing twin one I was no longer camming with twin two."

Angela noted that the brothers were indistinguishable in terms of physical appearance, but possessed different personalities. She then went on to state: "They were both really great guys in their own different ways."