Adele FaceTimes Fans Who Still Showed Up For Her Canceled Vegas Show

Adele Facetimes Fans Who Still Showed Up For Her Canceled Vegas Show

Adele broke the hearts of many of her fans after canceling her Las Vegas show. However, she has also made many of their dreams come true by FaceTiming those who stuck around even after the show was canceled.

After all, it's not every day people get a chance to cry their hearts out with Adele over the phone.

Her show was canceled due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, she made the decision too little too late, putting many of her fans in an awkward position.

She announced the cancellation herself just hours before the show began. By then, people had taken flights, booked hotel rooms, and paid hundreds of dollars for tickets to the show.

Even though she left an apology for her fans, many of them were upset that the news came so late.

Fortunately, she decided to have FaceTime calls with some of them after they still showed up at the Caesars Palace's Colosseum.

She said she was also upset that she could not be with her fans and told those who were still there to hang out and have a look at her merchandise.

Adele also extended an offer to those around by leaving a message written in lipstick on her store. The message read in part:

"There's people in the room I worked with on the store and the merch. There's members of my management in here are to show you around. And any of you in here who were due to come to the shows this weekend can have a gift on me! I'm so sorry again."

After the singer shared the apology, fans shared it on social media. Many posted their emotional reactions to the message.

To many of them, this was a dream come true, with some of the fans calling it the best night ever while thanking the star profusely.

On Friday, Adele wrote on Twitter that she had the best fans in the world. She said that the love and understanding she had received had been overwhelming.

The famous singer's show was set to start on Friday and end on July 2.

When making the announcement, she seemed quite upset and distressed. She also explained that even though they could not put the show together in time, they would make sure she rescheduled all the canceled dates.

COVID-19 had a massive role in the unfortunate turn of events. She explained that half of her crew was down with COVID.

She also realized how last-minute the announcement had been, and she apologized for that. Nonetheless, they had been fighting to make the show happen until the very last minute:

"We have been awake for 30 hours now trying to figure it out and... we've run out of time."

Caesars also gave a statement that explained why the "Weekend With Adele" show had to be delayed.

They said Adele was very dedicated to her fans and her music and promised that the show would be back on track at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and that it would be "extraordinary."