Addicted To Acting Out: 10 Signs You Are A Drama Queen

Life can be tumultuous, and at times it may feel like you're constantly surrounded by drama, even if you'd rather avoid it. Some individuals, however, seem to be addicted to drama, treating it like a drug. They not only attract it, but they thrive on it, and they're rarely content unless they're dealing with some significant crisis. They may even go so far as to involve themselves in other people's problems. If you don't know anyone like this, it's possible that you're the drama queen of your circle. Here are some indicators that you're on the road to becoming a drama addict.

1. You're almost always attracted to the "bad boy" or the "player"

You seem to have an insatiable attraction towards the guys known for leaving a trail of shattered hearts behind them. The more individuals warn you to steer clear of them, the more you crave their attention. However, this never culminates in a favorable outcome.

2. You tend to hold in your feelings until you explode

While you may recognize that communicating and working through your problems would be a more effective approach, there's a certain allure to the explosive arguments that arise from inadequate communication that you find difficult to let go of.

3. You pick fights on purpose just for the make up sex

Perhaps it's the intense sexual encounters in the midst of an argument that you find irresistible. The idea of having sex during a heated exchange can be alluring, but it's important to remember that screaming matches are not a healthy or sustainable way to maintain a relationship.

4. You always need to "take sides" in an argument that has nothing to do with you

The idea of remaining impartial while your two closest friends are engaged in a conflict and allowing them to resolve the issue on their own is entirely foreign to you. Being a neutral party, like Switzerland, is not your forte.

5. Your relationships all tend to be of the whirlwind variety

When you develop feelings for someone, you experience them with great intensity, and you believe that this person must be your soulmate. You have a tendency to dive headfirst into the serious aspects of a relationship, often too quickly, and unfortunately, you don't seem to learn from your past experiences.

6. You're been in a couple on-again, off-again relationships

You find yourself enjoying the repetitive cycle of breaking up, resenting each other, reconciling, feeling like everything is perfect, and then breaking up again. It's possible that you perceive this as a normal pattern for all relationships.

7. You wallow when things don't go your way

Whenever you encounter a setback in your career or the person you're interested in disappears, you tend to exaggerate the situation. Even if you only knew them for a brief period, you believe that you're entitled to have everyone witness your unwarranted grieving process.

8. You love airing your dirty laundry on social media

You're skilled at launching passive-aggressive social media attacks. Whether it's through lengthy posts about cutting people out of your life or thinly-veiled status updates directed at those you dislike, you're adept at getting your message across without directly confronting the individual.

9. You blow little things way out of proportion

If you detect even the slightest hint of negativity from someone, be prepared for them to become the target of your social media attacks. Unfortunately, sometimes the person on the receiving end of your anger has no clue what you're referring to.

10. Your always in at least one fight with a friend, and you're never the first one to apologize

Drama queens are known for never admitting their mistakes. Even if they lash out and harm innocent people, they'll never take responsibility for their actions. Instead of uttering a simple "I'm sorry," they prefer to hold a grudge indefinitely.