Actor Gary Sinise Gifts Customised Home To Wounded Veteran

Actor Gary Sinise Gifts Customised Home To Wounded Veteran

A wounded veteran who suffered a serious injury while serving his country in an Afghan military campaign has been given a free smart home by Gary Sinise.

The veteran Staff Sgt. Jason Ross is recovering from double amputation after getting injured by an IED (improvised explosive device) while in Afghanistan.

After the potentially deadly incident, Ross became one of the most seriously injured members in the service to get away with his life.


Despite seeing many cases of inured soldiers, Gary Sinise confessed that the seriousness of Ross' injuries shocked him:

"I looked at Jason and I recall I said, 'Well, you are a miracle.'"

In addition to losing both his legs, Ross also lost part of his pelvic bone. After the incident, he required over 240 surgeries.

While Ross was back in the US, he met Sinise, and the encounter resulted in the wounded veteran getting a custom home.


The home is exceptional, and it has wide hallways to allow Ross to pass through comfortably with his wheelchair, as well as larger bathrooms he can use and level counters he can access more easily.

Sinise also had the intention of building smart technology that was specially adapted to Ross, given the extent of his injuries. The goal is to ensure he can do more for himself.


By giving the veteran a home, Sinise also hoped to support the veteran in his recovery and relieve him of stress.

However, Ross is hardly the only veteran to get support from the foundation.

The Gary Sinise Foundation also helped out Juan Guerrero, a retired US Army Captain who suffered severe injuries while serving Iraq. Guerrero and his family also got a smart home.

Guerrero suffered injuries after an IED exploded and hit a vehicle while in. After the explosion, shrapnel made him suffer from a broken tibia and fractured left ankle.


After the accident, Guerrero also suffered from a rare form of skin cancer, resulting in the double amputation of his legs.


Sinise got a nomination for an Academy Award over his role in Forrest Gump. He was raised in a family full of veterans and has had the opportunity to travel throughout the world to see soldiers while they are on active duty.

This included visits to Iraq and Afghanistan.

More importantly, he has the reputation of giving back to American soldiers. So far, he has helped raise nearly $200 million through The Gary Sinise Foundation.


In addition to the foundation, Gary also created Lt. Dan Band. The cover band performs on military bases throughout the world and forms part of the Advisory Council of Hope For The Warriors.