Horrifying Acid Attack Leaves Female College Student Blind And Burned

A documentary on Al-Jazeera recently dwelled on victims of acid baths. It was heart-wrenching to see how beautiful they looked before being doused with acid, how their potentially promising future seemed to come to a halt, and how these victims are trying to put the pieces of their lives together.

The documentary featured interviews with some of these victims. For those who knew their assailants, they can't bear the mere mention of their names. They are constantly reminded of how different they look, especially by a non-accepting community.

It's a bit comforting that some of these criminals are behind bars and we hope the same becomes the outcome for this 21-year old college student's assailant.

Bathed With Acid Outside Her Home

According to Fox 13, a 21-year-old pre-med college student was drenched with acid in an attack outside her home in Long Island, New York. This incident happened in March, and her family members believe that the attack was planned. A security camera caught the act just as the young lady and her mom were stepping out of a car.

The 21-year old known as Nafiah Ikram has no idea why she was targeted. She said:

"That's what I ask myself every single day. It just doesn't make sense. Like I would like to think I'm a very outgoing and friendly person. I keep thinking, what could I have possibly said or done to someone for them to want to hurt me this much?"

Speaking of her pain in an interview with ABC New York, she said:

"It felt like my face was fully on fire, and then I couldn't breathe too. This was worse than [a] death experience. I was in that ambulance and I felt my chest ripped out of my soul. That's how much pain I was in."

While physicians remain skeptical about whether Ikram will be able to recover her sight fully, investigators are trying their best to nail the assailant.

The police have a rough description of the suspect. In a statement released by the police, they said:

"The male suspect was carrying a white-colored cup containing a dark-colored substance which he then threw at the victim's face."

We await updates on the case.