According To Science, Your Husband Should Be Planning At Least One Date Night Per Month

Do you and your husband go on dates often? If you answered "no", you should start immediately. Because according to science, your husband should be planning at least one date night per month.

Dating Vs. Marriage

Dating comes naturally to couples who are just starting their journey together. But as our relationships mature, sparing a few hours can become challenging.

It's not that we don't love each other. This is more of a time and effort issue.

Jobs, kids, and house chores both take up a good portion of time and lead to a significant stress build-up. The good news is - there is a cure.

And it is dating.

To Date Or Not To Date

Now, you might say: we've done our deal of dating back in the day. Why bother?

And here is why. According to scientific research, held through surveying over ten thousand married-with-kids couples, dating helps marriages last longer.

Couples who have reported finding some time for each other at least once a month showed lower rates of divorces and separation.

The main reason is very simple: married couples want to remind each other about how important their bond is. By spending some time alone, we remember how we got here, to begin with, and how truly valuable our relationship is.

Married Dating 101

If you are not sure where to start - don't worry. The key to any healthy relationship is always communication.

Ask your partner when they are available and offer to spend time together. Keep in mind that kids and pets will have to be looked after during the time you guys rediscover your feelings.

After the date and time are set, let your imagination run wild. Consider recreating your very first date, for example.

Or maybe find something neither of you has done before. It can be a thrilling adventure or a master class. As long as you are together - it won't matter much.

And if you have been practicing dating your husband for a while, but you are always the one to set it up - consider giving him the lead. Our girlfriend science backs us up here once again.

Allow Him To Shine

Sharing special moments with your loved ones is always precious. What's even more precious, however, is getting pampered with attention without having to plan it.

Once in a while, ask your dear husband to take you out on a date. Make sure to let him know he's in charge of planning this time.

It is scientifically proven that allowing your partner to take control serves several purposes. On one hand, they will get a chance to reflect on their feelings towards you as they think of ways to make you happy.

And on the other hand, you take a break from planning every little thing. Being a wife and a mother can get overwhelming. You definitely deserve to relax.

Celebrate Your Love

You have found each other in this crazy world and that's impressive. And it's even more impressive that you have managed to stay together this long and build a family of your own.

True love deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. Set a reminder, plan your look, and give your husband a chance to plan the whole thing.

Because according to science, your husband should be planning at least one date night per month. And he'll surely do a good job if you let him.