According To A Recent Study, Your Drunk Self May Be The Real You

According To A Recent Study, Your Drunk Self May Be The Real You

When you get drunk, you reveal your hidden characters. Do you remember the last time you were drunk? When people drink they barely make rational decisions. Do you ever wonder how in the world you did such weird things? Drunk people often seem out of their minds, but a recent study proves our perceptions wrong.

Clinical Psychology Science conducted a study to determine if there are differences in personalities when people are sober and when they have been drinking. Most of the time, people assume that a drunk person behaves completely differently from who they are before drinking alcohol. The study conducted by Clinical Psychology Science involved 156 volunteers. Researchers from the University of Missouri and Purdue University wanted to examine behavior changes in participants.

Researchers gave volunteers a questionnaire to fill in two weeks prior to their test. Questions were about their perception of themselves when they have been drinking alcohol. Volunteers were to describe actions they associated with when they were drunk and when they were sober. Participants were also asked to state their average alcohol consumption. University of Missouri researchers led by Rachel Winograd wanted to know what volunteers thought about their drinking habits. Researchers then divided volunteers into groups based on the answers they gave in the survey. Each group had 3 to 4 participants.

Two weeks later, researchers gave half of the volunteers alcohol to drink. Researchers asked the 78 volunteers to drink so that their blood alcohol level went to about 90 mg. The maximum legal blood alcohol level is 80 mg, so the volunteers had to work quite hard to get there. 15 minutes later, participants had to complete a number of tasks. Activities laid out helped express the personalities of the participants.

Participants had to solve patterns and play mind games while researchers recorded their activities. Friends of the drunken volunteers had a chance to see their drunken friends in action. Each of the observers rated their friends' behavior. Drunk participants also rated themselves on the big five scales of personalities. Unsurprisingly, drunk participants concluded they had significant changes in all their big five personalities. The big five personality scale factors measured openness to experiences, extraversion, neuroticism, and conscientiousness.

Observers reported little change in the behavior of participants. Only the extraversion of drunken participants changed according to observers' perception. Observers claimed drunken volunteers were happier, more outgoing, and more active than before.

Of the things reported in the study findings, what surprised researchers was how the behaviors that are induced by alcohol had little effect on the personalities of people. The study found out that only the extraversion factor in the big five scales of personalities changed. The rest of the factors remained the same before and after drinking.

The next time you drink and scream out in craziness, do not blame it on alcohol. A drink will make you more active, but it will not change your personality. Be proud of your actions after drinking a few bottles. That is just who you are whether drunk or not.