Abandoned Dog Found With Eyes And Mouth Shut With Glue

The heartless owner sealed the dog's eyes and mouth with superglue and left her by the roadside.

We've heard and read tons of animal cruelty cases, but this might be just among the worst.

It was an early morning in Wichita, Kansas when a woman saw something that shocked her to the core.

While driving, the woman spotted an abandoned puppy by the roadside. Initially thought a car had hit her.

But as she approached the dog, pure horror engulfed her body. She realized someone had sealed shut the poor puppy's eyes and mouth with superglue.

Immediately, the Good Samaritan grabbed the pooch and took her to the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital of Wichita.

abandoned dog found with eyes and mouth shut with glue

To everyone's utmost horror, the superglue wasn't the only issue the poor pooch was facing.

The vets also found bruises on her abdomen, which were likely concurrent with physical abuse.

Luckily, the vets worked hard and successfully removed the glue from her mouth and eyes.

Given her unfaltering spirit, the veterinarians named the puppy Glory. The name is well-deserving, given how she narrowly survived, despite being unable to eat, drink, or even see.

According to reports, the puppy had lost her voice too. But thankfully, she got a second chance of living.

Wichita animal rescue organization Beauties and Beasts later took Glory in. The shelter's staff were shocked at her condition, calling it "horrifying."

abandoned dog found with eyes and mouth shut with glue

Hoping to find the culprit behind horrendous acts, the shelter posted on Facebook:

"This was an intentional act, and someone capable of harming an innocent little dog is extremely dangerous."

The rescue center, sharing photos of Glory, added:

"They will continue this pattern of abuse on helpless victims. She has no voice and cannot speak for herself. You are her only hope. See something, say something. Silence is deadly."

Glory, of course, couldn't speak for herself. Instead, she wore the visible scars of her trauma on her tiny body.

After weeks of healing, Glory finally had the energy to let her sparkling personality shine. And a loving fosterer welcomed her into a safe, comfortable home, and Glory thrived.

Glory later found her forever home with the Waggy family, who were thrilled to welcome the bouncy pooch into their home.

The puppy could have died very much alone by the roadside. But through kindness, love, and care of strangers, the little pup now has a bright future ahead of her.

This isn't the first time someone has super-glued a puppy.

Early this year, a cruel owner glued shut a dog's eyes, so she couldn't follow the owner home.'