"A Year Ago, I Started Sending My GF These Photos Whenever She Asked If The Baby Was OK"

“a year ago, i started sending my gf these photos whenever she asked if the baby was ok”

Dad photoshops the daughter in dangerous situations and then sends the pictures to his girlfriend whenever she asked if the baby was OK.

A cute prank between dad, daughter, and girlfriend has turned into a delightful social media sensation for the rest of us.

Just a year ago, Kenny Deuss and his girlfriend welcomed their first child together.

While Kenny, from Belgium, watched their daughter solo, his girlfriend would often check in to see how she was doing.

But the new dad got tired of being asked, 'is the baby OK?' whenever he was left alone with his infant daughter.

So, he decided to liven up the situation a little by responding with photos of his daughter in dangerous situations.

He explained:

When we had our daughter, and my girlfriend had to go back to work, she asked me in messages all the time if I could send a photo, so she knew the baby was safe.

Then I decided to make something fun out of it. I always showed our daughter in a different dangerous situation.

Kenny would then share the images on social media.

#1 Reading = Learning

Kenny explained that he has experience with Photoshop.

And since he works in a youth center, he's been doing a lot more babysitting at home thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

#2 IKEA Feels Like Home

Speaking about his girlfriend's reaction to the photos, he said:

My girlfriend had to look twice when she received the first photo [to understand what was really going on].

But it didn't take long before she and her colleagues started looking forward to new pictures.

He added:

She thinks [the photos are] brilliant. The first time she probably doubted a bit whether it was real or not.

Most of the time, I try to edit the photo, so it doesn't look too real. But the point is to make you doubt.

#3 I Really Like Balloons

What's really adorable in these photos is the father-daughter relationship.

The two seem to have a good time together.

He said:

[My daughter] is an easy-going, happy child.

She is always smiling with a funny character, trying to make us laugh mixed with a hint of stubbornness.

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