A Woman's Guide To Guy Code 101

The Bro Code is a set of guidelines and principles for men to follow in order to promote harmony in their relationships and interactions with others. These guidelines often include references to women and how men should treat them. It is important for women to understand these principles in order to better navigate their interactions with men.

1. Bros before hoes

One of the key principles of Guy Code is that men are often expected to prioritize their friends over their romantic partners in various situations. However, it should be noted that not all men follow this rule and exceptions can be made in serious relationships. Additionally, it is important to be aware that some men may choose to spend time with their friends over their romantic partners, regardless of their relationship status.


2. We don't share personal texts with friends

Women can feel reassured that if they share personal information with men via text, it will likely be kept private and not shared among friends. However, it is important to note that this may not always be the case, particularly with men who are immature or prioritize their own interests above others. However, in general, most men will respect the privacy of personal information shared with them via text.


3. We won't make a move on our friend's girlfriend

It is unlikely for a man to pursue a romantic interest in a friend's significant other, as the concept of 'bros before hoes' dictates that a man should not pursue his friend's romantic interest, even if they are no longer in a relationship. It is also common for a man to seek permission before pursuing a friend's ex-partner.


4. We'll tell on you if you cheated on our friend

Being loyal sometimes means speaking up when a friend's trust is being compromised. If you cheat on one of our friends, we will inform them, despite any pleas or bribes. This is part of the unwritten code of friendship.

5. We don't know where your boyfriend is

We will report on you if you cheat, but we will keep our friend's secrets. If you suspect your boyfriend is unfaithful or unreachable, don't ask one of his friends, as we will not provide any information. Even if we have the knowledge, we will remain silent, as it is part of the code of friendship among men. Apologies to the ladies.


6. We will back up any story

This isn't just a TV trope; guys will often support their friends in any way when trying to impress a girl, even if it means backing up a lie. A good wingman will always do his best to assist, even if the story is outrageous. Asking a friend for confirmation is unlikely to give you the whole truth. In this situation, you'll have to rely on your own judgment.


7. We'll try to stop our friends from cheating on you

It may seem hypocritical, but we will keep our friend's secrets about potential infidelity, but also try to prevent it from happening. We may not always be successful, but if a friend is tempted to cheat, particularly in a moment of drunken impulsivity, we will try to intervene. Our main concern is not necessarily to protect you, but rather to prevent our friend from making a regrettable mistake. Nevertheless, it is important for you to know that we are trying to prevent our friend from cheating on you.


8. Guys with girlfriends are simply wingmen

Ladies, we understand that it can be frustrating when your boyfriend goes to the club with his friends without you. But know that he is likely only there to serve as a wingman for his friends. While you may suspect infidelity, it's likely not the case. The unwritten code of friendship among men dictates that we assist our friends by being their wingman. So, please don't worry every time your boyfriend goes out without you, he is simply following the code of friendship among men.


9. If we ask you out, we'll pay

You may not be aware, but Guy Code is a bit traditional in nature. It states that if a guy asks a woman out on a date, he should pay for it. While this may seem outdated to some, it is still a common expectation among men who follow the code of friendship and chivalry. Of course, you are free to suggest splitting the bill if you prefer, but many men still expect to pay when they take a woman out.