A Woman Who Sent A Man 159,000 Texts After One Date Doesn't Understand Why She's In Jail

A Woman Who Sent A Man 159,000 Texts After One Date Doesn’t Understand Why She’s In Jail

An Arizona woman accused of sending a man more than 159,000 text messages after a single date—including her desire to turn his kidney to Shushi—claims she doesn't understand why she's behind bars.

'Ghosting' someone is a problem many people are facing in modern society. But you have to know just when to give up or not to pursue something.

You would think sending a couple of texts to your crush or admirer without getting a reply may be a wake-up call to give up.


But for Jacqueline Ades, it's not even close!

According to reports, Ades sent more than 159,000 text messages to a man, trying to convince him that she's the right woman for him.

a woman who sent a man 159,000 texts after one date doesn't understand why she's in jail

The messages included death threats and her desire to bathe in his blood.

Ades didn't stop there. She was so obsessed with him that she even broke into his home and went for a bath in his bathtub. This led to her arrest.

But before the arrest, the man claimed he had previously seen her lurking around his home, carrying a big butcher's knife.

If you think that sounds farfetched, the story gets even more bizarre.


After police detained her, Ades claimed she doesn't understand why she's in jail.

She also wants to go to trial because she believes the jury will find her not guilty and insist that she marry the man she stalked.

She has gone so far as to reject a plea deal that would see her barred from contacting the victim.

Her reasons for rejecting the deal? Her actions were legitimate, she said.

a woman who sent a man 159,000 texts after one date doesn't understand why she's in jail

In an interview with The Arizona Republic, Ades said:

"I just think it's ridiculous. I can't believe that it turned into this. Also, I can't believe that I'm actually in jail over some text messages."

"I said, 'If I had a perverted imagination, what would I think?' And then I wrote all these weird things."

"Just, like, I was literally playing with my imagination, and it turned out that that scared him."


"I'm refusing to take the plea deal because I don't believe it's real. I think it's his way of testing my resolve."

She added:

"I want to go to trial. The jury are going to say, 'You're not guilty, and on top of it, we demand that you two get married."

Ades also maintained that her threats against the man were only jokes that she wouldn't act on.

She added that the man responded to her texts for three months but later stopped after she sent the threats.


In some of the texts, she wrote:

"Don't ever try to leave me…I'll kill you…I don't wanna be a murderer."

"I'd wear ur fascia n the top of ur skull."

"I'd make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand bones."

"Rotten filthy Jew…. Lololol I'm like the new Hitler… man was a genius."

Honestly, anybody would be absolutely terrified of this woman after such text messages.


But Ades said she threatened the man after she had an argument with her mom and took out her anger on him.

Ades later underwent a mental evaluation, and prosecutors found her incompetent to stand trial.

They then placed her into a mental facility, where psychologists would help bring her to mental competency.