A Woman Doesn't Want The World, But To Feel Safe In Yours

A Woman Doesn’t Want The World, But To Feel Safe In Yours

When a woman loves, she doesn't need much from her guy. And everything a gal truly craves is already in him. Safety, comfort, support, and naturally love. How many times did your guy get it wrong?

Diamonds, Hermes bag, vacation on Santorini… I don't think any woman would mind all those things, but it's the XXI century. We are more than capable of spoiling ourselves. Women don't need men to provide for us or to make us feel whole.

However, the ongoing mystery called "what women want" can't get through men's thick heads. Give us attention, love, safety. Shower us with respect, listen to us talking. Oh boy, we assume it's time to have another one of those talks about what makes a real relationship work. From a woman's POV.

We don't need the world

Why would you want the world, if you can create your own? We are reliable, resilient, louder than ever. At the same time, we are just as vulnerable as our moms or grandmothers. Guys should stop trying so hard to "get a girl". It's much more important to know how to treat her right, from the start.

Instead of offering us everything, try giving us, ladies, your hearts. If it doesn't seem like much, why is it so hard? Let us in, give us what we need, not what you think we want.

The thing is that men know they have it more comfortable in life. And then, when it comes to loving someone, they choose the easy road. The road of promises, gifts, and not much else.

We need our hearts to be safe

Real safety comes from having a guy who will let you into his world, and make you feel at home. Show your girl respect, call her, don't wait for three days.

Make her dinner, light up candles, and don't hide your feelings. It's okay to have a guy's night. But how about "sacrificing" a night with the buddies for a night with a lady?

Really, are we that demanding? No, but we do need to be a priority. Not because all women are needy and clingy, but simply because we believe that your number one is a person who keeps your heart.

Make us feel better, from time to time

It's a no-brainer – if a woman's down, for whatever reason, she needs her man to pick her up and vice versa. How hard is it to tell someone they are smart? Or that they like the way your hair smells? Romance is in those little things, details, that make us, women, want to give in to the relationship entirely.

Not all women are the same, but something is soothing when your man gives you a glimpse of hope when you feel like crap. It's a sign that you're friends, as well as lovers. It's a sign that a man sees you; he wants you to feel better. And ultimately, it's a way of expressing that you're worth more than any stressful situation.

Don't forget that we are desirable

An average guy seems to think that a woman needs to hear she's pretty and thin, all the time. But that's not the case. You only want to hear it when it comes from the heart. Also, you need proof.

Men tend to take notice of pretty gals all the time, and yes, it's a primal urge. But why can't they tone it down? We are insecure since the whole world is Photoshopped. And the last thing we need is our guys to check out other women in front of us.

There's nothing better than knowing that you're the one. And guys don't seem to realize that we know, we feel, not because women have some creepy sixth sense. We care and pick up on things.

If a guy wants to act like a teenager, then he doesn't deserve a real woman. But, if he's a grown-up, he'll learn how to make you feel like you're not just part of his world. You're his queen!