A True Relationship Is When Two Imperfect People Choose Not To Give Up On Each Other

Would it surprise you to learn that the couples you adore and look up to so much could be having endless fights behind closed doors? They look so happy and in love, but they are probably fighting the same demons that you are. The only difference is that they have decided they will make it work. There are no perfect relationships, only true relationships. Relationships are endless mountains and valleys that require two flawed souls to journey them together. Nurturing a relationship requires a level of emotional strength and maturity that is so hard to come by.

A tale of two souls that stuck it out through thick and thin. Nothing ever comes easy in this life, not even a perfect relationship. You have to work for it. Sure, there will come cloudy and stormy days where nothing seems to be working out, but it is in that moment that you need to remember that your partner is your ray of sunshine.

The best relationships are where both partners work out their differences in an amicable manner. They are willing to fight for their love, for what they strongly believe in. They know that relationships are not a competition of who wins most, but rather a flower that needs to be watered and continuously nurtured.

Let’s be real here, and nobody is perfect, so why would we expect a relationship to be perfect too? A relationship is not a bed of roses and chocolates. There are a few thorns too. Life will throw some hard challenges your way, the only way your relationship will survive is if you are both willing to fight through them together.

Relationships become stronger after both parties work through the tough times. After rain comes sunshine. One of the main reasons why relationships are hard is that we are all different, our cultures, our outlook on life, and our characters. This is also the main reason why relationships are so beautiful.

Up to that point where you started your relationship, you were used to doing things your way and making decisions alone. Now you have to accommodate a familiar stranger and find a middle ground for the both of you. You have to love their imperfections and make compromises.

Even harder, you have to let go of your ego completely.

In relationships, sometimes we apologize, not because we are wrong, but because we care for the other person enough not to let a simple thing draw you apart. We are willing to fight for what we truly believe in, to make memories with the people we so hold dear. This is why, even in their imperfections, relationships are amazing.

When two imperfect people consciously fight for their love. For better for worse.

You could be smack in the middle of a brutal desert storm, but it wouldn’t matter because you are with the person you love. There is an unbreakable bond between two people that have decided to stand by each other even in the hard times. To be each other’s shoulder to laugh and cry on. A promise that stood the test of time and a symbol of what true love is.