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A TikTok Time Traveler Warns There Will Be An Alien Invasion Today

A rising trend on TikTok involves individuals asserting to be from the future and forecasting future events.

Frequently, these predictions are somber, encompassing premonitions of wars breaking out and meteorites impacting the Earth.

The most recent forecast claims that extraterrestrial aggression is imminent, with the invaders purportedly set to arrive today.

@theradiantimetraveller, the TikToker who made this prediction, goes by the name Eno Alaric and asserts to have originated from the year 2671.

With over 350,000 followers, this account's video has accumulated thousands of views.

Posted initially in October, the content reads: "Yes, I am a real time traveler, the world will soon end."

It continues: "A very hostile alien species is coming to take back Earth, we will not win."

"Another alien, whose world was destroyed by the hostiles, will save some of us."

"On March 23, 2023, about 8,000 people will be taken to another habitable planet."

The statement further explains the prophecy, affirming that March 23 does not mark the termination of the planet.

According to the assertion, March 23 is merely the day when the "Champion" species transports individuals to another planet.

Numerous comments were posted in response to the video.

One wrote: "This Thursday? I'm getting my handbrake fixed will the invasion be after I've paid or before."

"Prove it. tell me what the lotto numbers are in the PowerBar this week," another added.

A third wrote: "I'm a time traveler too and I've come to tell you that on the 1st of January is new year…"

Eno subsequently released another video claiming that a belligerent extraterrestrial race, known as "The Distants," is plotting to reclaim Earth.

Eno asserted that "The Champion" will transport selected individuals to a habitable planet.

He claimed "The Champion will choose the best of the best to ensure the survival of the human species."

The content creator has previously published videos regarding Earth's twin planets, interdimensional portals, and visitations by extraterrestrial beings.

As per their claims, another worldwide pandemic is impending, coinciding with the melting of polar ice caps attributable to global warming.

Eno has even provided a detailed timeline of the future, year by year.

According to their prophecy, in 2025, the first colonies will land on Mars, discovering human remains that validate the theory that humans originated from the Red Planet.

Additionally, in 2026, Earth will be hit by the most significant solar flare ever recorded, resulting in a global blackout and six weeks of power outage.

Furthermore, in 2027, a wormhole is anticipated to appear near Mars.

However, certain viewers remain doubtful, citing that Eno's past "predictions" failed to materialize.

One said: "What about the 10 people getting superpowers? That did not happen."

Another wrote: "What about that big meteor that was supposed to hit the Earth this month?"

A third noted: "If it's gonna end soon, then how were you alive in 2671?"

TikTok is not limited to Eno in terms of users making predictions.

Last year, a New Yorker known as @adminandeve on TikTok, going by the name Eve, shared a video detailing how to identify signs indicating potential job loss.

The video garnered more than 112,000 views, and in it, she imparted advice to her 112,000 followers on how to detect these signs, resulting in numerous viewers contributing their own suggestions in the comments section.

Eve initiated her advice by highlighting that a shift in executive conduct might indicate an impending wave of layoffs.

"Executive and senior leadership, even your managers, will start acting a little bit funny."

"Maybe they'll stop engaging with the team in ways that they usually would or maybe they'll start focusing on random, they'll ask specific questions about budgets," Eve said.

Furthermore, the New Yorker added that if top-level management starts inquiring about budget concerns, it is a clear sign of financial difficulties.

Eve also mentioned that a hiring freeze would probably be put in place.

Additionally, she noted that employees who are about to be laid off might begin to receive feedback regarding their job performance that they are not used to.

"This might be to build a case to put you on the chopping block. Cause they can't cite performance issues if there's not one," Eve concluded.

Eve's predictions proved to be accurate, as she shared a subsequent video disclosing that she had been laid off via email.