A THIRD Of Migrants Faked Family Relationships To Get Asylum During ICE Pilot Procedure In Texas, DNA Testing Reveals

A third of all those seeking asylum at the border do not have any relationship with children in custody. Rapid DNA testing done by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been confirmed.

The government body did the pilot in El Paso and McAllen, both in Texas. The study showed that 30 percent of those who underwent the testing were discovered not to have any relationship to the children they were saying were their own.

An ICE official revealed this. And this is not because the parents were adoptive or step-parents.


These people blatantly misrepresented themselves to be seen as relations of the children in custody.

A system exists to ensure that those who cross the border illegally can get asylum and sidestep any legal issues that often consist of protracted detentions if there are children involved. What this testing reveals is that people have been lying to take advantage of the system.

Following this incident, questions are arising whether all families were tested properly during the pilot because there is a possibility that only those who raised some red flag were tested. Therefore, the number of those who have falsely claimed to have some connection to the children in custody might be higher.

However, ICE is yet to comment on this.


Nevertheless, it was later revealed that some people did not agree to the test because they admitted that they had no relationship with the children. They did this after learning that the claims they were making would be evaluated using DNA testing.

The recent study will make the Department of Homeland Security closely look at the results, and it might even do the tests on a much larger scale. This is according to the ICE.

The number of families getting to the southern border has increased substantially since the 'family separation' plan was put on hold following the enormous backlash. These migrants are clearly taking advantage of the current legal environment, giving them the possibility to improve their chances of getting into the US legally.


Currently, the US Border Patrol has caught over 500,000 people illegally crossing into the US during this year alone. They went on to add that there is 'no sign of it getting better.'

This has put a lot of pressure on the processing system. In fact, as a result, 40,000 people have been released into communities.

The government claims that at this rate, the U.S. government will spend more on migrants coming from Mexico than the $2.9 billion set aside for the activity.

Russell Vought, the current budget chief, said that the situation has 'continued to deteriorate' and is going over projected 'high-end estimates.'

In addition to that concern, the growing number of children mixed up in this problem further complicates the issue. According to Alex Azar, the Health and Human Services Secretary, the issue of unaccompanied children could get 'closer to the worst-case scenario.'

On account of this, the HHS had suggested that it receives supplementary funding that was $1.4 billion over initial estimates.