A Teacher Who Joined OnlyFans To Support Her Family Was Fired

A Teacher Who Joined Onlyfans To Support Her Family Was Fired

The single mother set up an OnlyFans account to earn a bit extra besides her primary job as a school teacher. When a man in the community found her page, he emailed the teacher's employer, resulting in her dismissal.

The same man also posted photos from the teacher's OnlyFans account on his blog without her consent.

Sarah Juree had worked full-time as a teacher in South Bend, Indiana, for six years. She worked in the Department of Defense STARBASE educational program, aimed at teaching science, technology, engineering, and math to 5th graders.

The single mother enjoyed her work, however, she had a hard time providing for her twins on the salary the job provided, $55,000 per year.

The rent Juree paid comprised almost half her income, and health insurance was another high cost since her employer did not offer it in her contract.

"That was another out-of-pocket expense," she said, adding. "Plus car insurance and groceries and expenses for my kids."

When prices started rising in the United States, she concluded that she needed an extra source of income. She heard about OnlyFans from a friend that informed Juree that she made $10,000 monthly on the adult platform.

Juree immediately felt interested and realized it was something she could try. She struggled to live paycheck to paycheck, so she took help from her friend to set up an account.

She launched her OnlyFans page in early June, and at the end of the month, she got fired from her teaching job.

The termination letter said the reason for the notice was that she had been "posting inappropriate photos in violation of several Starbase policies." The letter added that her content "poses a real and immediate risk of harm to the reputation or business dealings" of the company.

Juree was shocked when she received the letter. She took the precaution of talking to her colleague and boss before launching her OnlyFans. They spoke of side gigs that fall under the sex work category, and there seemed to be no problem.

"My boss got really excited and said, 'Yeah, you can start a page. You can make a lot of money. You can sell your panties on the page,'" Juree reported her boss had said.

"In my mind, I was like, 'Great, I'm not going to have any issues with work because my boss literally told me to sell my panties on OnlyFans."

Juree naturally confronted STARBASE, they did not give her an answer to whether they were aware of the exchange Juree had with her boss. They refused to comment on the lay-off.

The man reporting Juree said a "concerned parent" tipped him off, and he contacted the educational program.

He also posted Juree's OnlyFans photos on his blog, where he wrote personal information about her and linked to her STARBASE employee page. Juree said she was "very scared" when the blog posts appeared.

"All parents should celebrate that this woman was fired. I hope she has plenty of success, outside the reach of children," the man wrote on his blog.

Juree found the man's portrayal of her "heartbreaking" as she always put her job first and would never do anything that could harm the children.

The single mother had earlier tried side gigs like private tutoring and working at a teeth-whitening salon without reaching success. However, the flexibility and earning potential of OnlyFans worked for her situation.

"The truth is what I do on OnlyFans is literally no different than what I was doing as a single woman on dating sites: I was sexting, I was exchanging photos and DMs, I was Facetiming," Juree explained.

"There is nothing I was doing on OnlyFans that I wasn't doing as a single woman except that I found a way to monetize it."

She is far from the first hard-working parent to lose a job because of her OnlyFans account, and we can only hope things will work out for her.