A Strong Woman Has No Time For Immature Jerks, She’s Better Off Alone

There is something about strong women, isn’t there? It is so satisfying being around women who have what it takes to make things happen when they need them to happen. But beyond these enviable attributes, these women are not oblivious of their abilities; and they understand that they have to make an effort to get what they want in their lives. So, they are perfectly willing to put effort into getting what they want and desire.

Above all things, they will not take being defined by a man. So, submission and obedience are not their things; and for one compelling reason – fear of being alone is not something they struggle with, as some other women do.

Thanks to being through pretty hard moments in their lives, strong women understand that happiness needs hard work. And after getting into many toxic relationships, they understand the value of having a fulfilling life, even if it means spending it without someone by your side.

They know that they cannot settle and be happy, which is why you will not find a strong woman who lets a selfish immature jerk get close to her.

And they are totally justified; what they want out of relationships is purely justifiable. It takes a lot of courage, dedication, personal discipline, honesty and self-respect to make such a hard decision about life.

That is how they know that a relationship that is less than ideal will not work out for them.

Pretentious is not a word you would use to describe a strong woman; a relationship has to be right for them to be part of it.

Strong women understand that their time is precious, and they set their own boundaries. They are fully aware that shallow relationships will not bring them any joy and happiness.

The need to settle down is not what drives strong women, as they thrive on self-growth. She knows she is also deserving of the love and affection she has to offer to anyone she intends to get into a relationship with.

So, as beautiful as they are, strong women will not waste any of their time on jerks who are inconsiderate of their feelings, rude, and even arrogant. They will prefer living alone to being in such a relationship at any time of the day. This is the time they will spend working on themselves and making their dreams come true.

They simply will not settle for anyone who sees them as disposable toys, and the best thing about their point of view is that they understand that being alone and feeling lonely are two very different things.

They know that being alone is knowing one’s worth and understanding that self-love and self-improvement are very important in a relationship and that no healthy relationship can exist without these important attributes.

A strong woman would rather work on herself as she waits for the right relationship than waste her time and energy getting involved with an immature jerk who is still figuring out what they want in their lives and in the woman they are involved with.